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Everyone had 24hr hours in a day but you have to think about how you are going to utilize your 24hr productively by doing good habits. 

Many people may question, how we can find the best habit according to me?

Let me answer this question with my method called Broken mirror habit.

The method is simple,

Look at your favorite person or idol in your niche.

For example, if you want to be a doctor then find the person who is the best in this field. Think and make a list of what they are doing in these 24hr in their day.

You might found a great list of what they are doing in these 24hr. Every person makes mistakes and has also so bad habits. Like that your favorite one also made make mistakes and have bad habits also.

How to find bad habits, Simply ask these two questions to  yourself;

Is it harmful to me?

Is it good for me and can contribute to my goal?

Apply those habits in your life and the road towards success will 0km.

Like that, I will share some of the best habits and implement them in your daily life. These habits that are I implement in my life and I will share with you a method to find the list of work in this 24hr later if you are interested.

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10 habits to be productive in your life

1. Drink 2lr of water 

women drinking water from a bottle

Drinking water is necessary for our life. The body is hydrated, and while we are working sometimes we feel lazy because of not drinking enough water. 

When we drink water our metabolism process happens and scientific research shows when we drink water it increases our mental performance.

To maintain your ability of thinking, your body hydration level, and digestion you need to drink water in short intervals.

When you take a rest at that time you can drink water and it will motivate and keep encouraged you to work harder.

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the average man should drink 3.7 liters of water while a female should drink 2.7 liters of water. 

2. Read at least 15 minutes a day

 Reading is the explosive material in your life but you didn’t realize it right now one day we all realize and regret it later.

You can read while your morning routine, I said in a post that you can apply those 20 minutes in learning.

While you are reading your brain opens up, and more ideas and good thoughts, and vibes come to your brain.

There are many benefits of reading books and your ability of thinking and your cognitive power increase.

Benefits of reading books:

  • Reading books reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Books improve your language and soft skills.
  • Books improve your thought process and affect your day-to-day life to become a better version of yourself.  
  • Reading books help you to live longer!

3. Writing Daily (Best good habit)

Writing daily could help to analyze your life and you can know what’s going on in your life.

Writing daily can help you to build your writing style or improve your skills.

It built your thinking ability and how you think about a particular thing and how deeply you can think about a topic.

You can write about your day-to-day life and what’s going on in your day on one page.

Writing is a great skill to learn and practice every day. The good thing about this nowadays writing is demanded skill means you can earn through writing.

Write every note on a distraction free note taking application like; Evernote

4. Fight with the hardest enemy first

Recently I recommend while you are working firstly create a to-do list or a workflow about what you have to do in your day.

When you create your to-do list you visualize your day and your list may motivate you to do the work.

You can make your to-do list with the help of some applications also.

You may notice when you make a to-do list some tasks are harder and some tasks are easier. Right?

Always tackle your hardest things in the first period of your work.

When you do that hardest task you feel more energy motivated and you are willing to do the rest of the work also.

But, if you don’t tackle your hardest enemy first then, you don’t willing to do the hardest thing throughout your day.

You feel lazy, cover around procrastination, and not going to do the rest of the work, and the next morning your workload gets harder and harder.

There is a method also to choose your hardest and most important thing to do in your day.

This is our final habit also! More about this later in this section.

5. Eat that frog first

Imagine you want to do lots of things in your day and write down your to-do list but there is something you hold.

The hardest task!

This is your biggest frog or enemy or tasks you can call it as you want.

Eat that frog means the frog you have to do but you don’t want to do is going to eat you means the hardest task will kill your productivity and you are going to procrastinate your whole day.

So, eat that frog otherwise the frog will eat you!

Brian Tracy told that in their book Eat that frog.

Know more about Eat that frog in this post.

6. Implement 80-20 Rule

Suppose you have to read important emails and go to the grocery shop also then what you are going to do?

Then where do you go first? Or which task you are going to act on reading emails or shopping.

Obviously reading emails is a most important thing than going to the grocery shop you can avoid that work and tell someone to do that task.

The 80-20 rule tells us to do 20 percent of our task first and that 20 percent of work will drive us to finish 80 percent of our work. 

The reading email things are your 20 percent of work and that 20 percent is responsible for 80 percent of your work.

Always remember to do the important task first those will motivate you to finish the work and imagine you are finishing those tasks

Know more about the 80/20 rule in this post.

7. Do a weekly audit

Suppose you have to work on a project and then write a list of work you want to do in your project.

Then you make your list according to your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to finish this project. 

Then while you are working focus on your daily routine, while you finish a task then remove the task from your list.

That will motivate you to finish the project you want to work on.

Then see your weekly routine and see which things are going to work on, which things are finished, and which are not finished yet.

Implement as many times as you want to audit your weekly task but doing this will tell you; how many steps you have to walk to finish that project. 

8. Avoid distraction while working

Distraction is the killer part you have to be distraction-free while you are working in your home or office then you will finish your work.

If your surroundings are not well organized then you will distract while working but there are several methods to get out of distraction

If you are distracted by your surroundings then create your workspace.

If through social media then those apps will help you be focused on your work.

You have to be focused and think about your work to get out of distractions.

Distracting elements will always try to control your mind but you have to focus and get out of that zone. 

9. Sleep 8h of a day

Sleeping is an exercise for your brain. Sleeping helps your brain to work properly.

Sleeping will restore your brain and your energy to work the next day.

The brain can allow new information throughout your healthy sleep and think clearly about your ideas, focus on those, and react to those also.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the sleep duration of every human varies from person to person.

For teenagers 8 to 10 hours of sleep is recommended, for younger adults the time decreased to 7 to 9 hours and for older adults, the time is 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

If you see the sleep time the ideal duration of sleep is 8 hours a day.

10. Eisenhower matrix

The Eisenhower matrix is a method to prioritize your list and decide the important things to work for you.

This is a 2 by 2 matrix to help you to prioritize the important things to do or any task to delegate or do later.

The matrix works on urgent or not urgent work for you.

11. Don’t regret

The final thing is don’t regret if you are not finished your work it happens to all the people in the world.

When I was in the beginning I procrastinate and was distracted a lot and not able to finish the work but slowly and steadily I am able to finish my work.

Now I also procrastinate and distracted a lot:)

Nobody is a perfect man, in the beginning, you have to keep doing the work, and one day you will be a perfect person.

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