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Everyone has goals.

Everyone wants to achieve their goals.


Not everyone is able to achieve their goals.

So, the question arises;


When someone makes goals, most of the time they clarify the goals, but while going to achieve the goals they face an obstacle in front of them.

They don’t have a step-by-step process or checklist to achieve their goals.

In the book “Eat that frog” Brain Tracy the author of the book told 7 Simple Steps To Achieve Any Goals and we will learn these steps in a moment.

About the book and author, I will tell you the last of this post. By the way, this is an amazing book.

Before heading over to these steps I want to clear you the three D’s to achieve your goals.

The first decision you make to achieve your goals makes you strong and led towards your path, make you the discipline to achieve those goals and the determination of your success that makes you achieve your goals.

7 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

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Step 1: Set your goal

Decide what you want and achieve in your goals. 

Write your goals in a paper and be clear about what you are going to write write the goals in the paper in a way that a child could understand if they see.

Only 3% of the adults are clear about what they want to achieve in their goals and know their objectives of their goals and about their life also.

Always be clear about your goals find out yourself or your boss or any person that could be clear about what you want to achieve, the specific “Goal”

Steven Covey,  the author of the famous book “The 7 most effective habit of highly efficient people ” said, 

“Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building.”

Steven R. Covey, Author

As he said the ladder of success you want to ride makes sure that the ladder has the foundational support the building that leaning to it has the strong purpose of why your ladder becomes strong.

Step 2: Write down your goals.

Writing goals on paper make the goals a tangible form, the goals you can see and touch.

Writing down your goals makes you crystal clear about what you are thinking about your objective, goals, and work.

Clear written goals will have the most wonderful effect on thinking about your goals.

They motivate you and led you toward success through your action.

The pieces of paper will motivate you, able to motivate you and force you to think about your goals.

That paper overcomes your procrastination and releases your energy to achieve your goals.

The pieces of paper will build good habits and be able to leave the bad habits as you think about achieving these goals.

The force of energy will drive you to achieve that goal.

Step 3: Set a deadline for your goals.

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While writing your goals on paper make sure to write put a deadline on your goals; a sub-deadline if required.

Write the goals in the wrong way not being able to focus, not motivating you, and not being able to clear your obstacles.

Write your goals in the order that these goals are already achieved and you did it before your deadline.

For example, I earned 10k dollars in a month this year, or I lose 50 kg of weight, I drive such a car.

Write in that way and you see these are written like they are already achieved and they all have a specific deadline.

Writing that way your subconscious mind will think that you are already achieved and that the factor that led toward your goals before heading over to your deadline.

Step 4:Make a list of things that going to make your goals achieved.

Todo list meme
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Make a list of things that are going to be a part of you while you achieve those goals.

Write down all things that have to require to achieve your goals and make a list until you find out all the things you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to build a website on your own, then you need to learn to code, and you have to learn multiple things to build a website.

You have to learn different programming languages to achieve your goal to be a website.

Always remember all things are learnable you have to learn to achieve your goals.

Learning a skill is hard and you have to eat that frog first to lead toward your success.

Step 5: organize the list into a plan

It’s hard to make a list and the hardest part about it is making an organized plan from your list.

Make it very organized and build that good habit to audit your goals while you working.

Take as much time as you want 1 week or 1 month to plan but in that time will be able to achieve your goals.

Remember the 80/20 rule planning is the 20% of work you do and that 20% of work will lead towards finishing the rest 80% of your work.

The planning will clear your thoughts, opens new ways, and motivate you to finish those goals.

Making a complete list will visualize your largest goals and planning that list will visualize the largest task into the smallest tasks.

Step 6: Take action on your plan ASAP!

Take action on your plan immediately, which will force your subconscious mind to achieve your plan and act on your plans.

A great plan will not be successful if you don’t take action on the plan.

But a not-so-great plan will be successful because they act on their plan and act in that way. 

For you to achieve any kind of successful execution of your plan is everything to achieve your goals.

Tony Robbins said “the path to success is to take massive, determined action”

So take action.

Step 7: Do something every day to achieve your goal

Build a habit to do something every day and make a to-do list and add the tasks you need to achieve your goal.

Doing something as that work will lead to doing the work activities on the plan.

Doing something to achieve your goals makes you motivated and able to achieve those goals.

When you see your plan and you see that one by one your plan going to finish and the goal is able to finish.


As you read the 7-step process make your goals achieved and you will able to achieve your next goals. 

The book makes many people’s goals finished and the book is written with years of experience. 

I will definitely suggest you read that book. The book has many such methods that blow your mind.

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