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Nowadays people are getting more destructive because of the so-called internet world. 

The social media world is losing our attention and productivity. They have algorithms that kill productivity.

Once, Robin Sharma, a great author of the famous book “The 5 AM Club”, “The monk who sold his Ferrari” said,

“An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production.”

Robin sharma, Author

That’s right also when you are in addition to distracted you kill your productivity.

In my case when I was trying to be productive I always failed in the trap. I was always around in distracted because of my surroundings.

The funny part is now sometimes I am also distracted. I will tell you today’s story in a moment in the post.

In this post, I am telling you the secret ways to be productive at home that I am using in my day-to-day life experiences to be close to being productive. 

And I will share with you why that was important to do and the actual reason behind how I am more productive at my home using these secrets that I am going to tell you.

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How to be more productive at home with these 9 habits

1. Make your Morning productive

When you are starting your day by doing dumb work you are not going to be productive with your day. 

You wake up and go to work that not working well you have to make some routines to make your morning fresh.

One year back I was doing this thing I was waking up in the morning late brushing my teeth and running to my work. 

That’s a dumb morning routine when it comes to productivity and prioritizing your day.

Many people are doing many things in the morning that work well in their case, but may or may not work in your case.

The 20/20/20 Formula:-

girl working out
Credits: Unsplash

I am using this formula to be productive at my home during the morning. You can use this method.

This method is so powerful and makes the day more productive in comparison to other days.

Basically, the one hour or 60 minutes of your morning time utilized for your thinking will help you to be productive in your day.

The first 20 minutes spent in your exercise. while you exercise there is a brain chemical released called BDNF,

while you are sweating and dopamine (makes you feel motivated in your day) and serotonin(makes you feel happy in your whole day) release while you work out.

The second 20 minutes after your body relaxed you can make your to-do list or think about your goals and what you want to achieve in your life in this period.

In the final 20 minutes of your day, you can spend the time learning, you can read a good book or any kind of auto-biographies you want to read or any kind of podcast or you can listen to our podcast also.

We share different ideas about how to be productive and share productive tips and the tools you can use to make your environment productive.

And remember don’t use mobile or any kind of distractive element or any social media apps during this 1 hour.

But you can use your mobile to play music during your workout or listen to podcasts. That’s fine!

2. Have a great breakfast

Credits: Unsplash

when you work out for at least 20 minutes and read a book your mind fills out information and your body wants to relax.

Breakfast comes to play a major role in your day, you have to eat a healthy in your breakfast like fruits.

But don’t fill your stomach with heavy meals that will make you lazy and your body wants to be relaxed and don’t go out of your comfort zone.

when you eat a little food in your breakfast your body doesn’t get lazy and you feel more happy and more productive.

3. Make your Todo list

Todo list meme
Credits: Unsplash

You make your morning productive and have a great breakfast.

Then you need to prioritize your day by doing a to-do list.

In this list, you share your today’s list to work on your day. Make sure you mention also, credentials and a more detailed work list to make your day easy.

And when you look at your list, you don’t have to memorize things while your work and focused on the work.

4. Create your Workspace

Credits: Unsplash

You make a to-do list and start your work and you work a little bit then you bored and decide to look at your Instagram followers.

That’s not working! You have to make a separate workspace to do your work and also the proper type of dress code.

And please don’t work while sitting in your bed that not going to work and you get bored in a short time and think about your followers again. 

And you suddenly realize you make your day productive lying in bed scrolling your smartphone and looking at your to-do list.

You have to have a separate set up in your room to work.

5. Drink lots of water

drinking water
Credits: Unsplash

when you work at your desk you feel lazy for a short period and your mind doesn’t want to work.

I can feel your pain you have to take a sip of water for a short time to make your energy high and motivate you to finish your work.

When you drink a sufficient amount of water your body makes you hydrated and your body feels fit and fine.

6. Stay out of social media

Credits: Unsplash

While you are working on your most priority thing suddenly pops up a notification and you suddenly pick up your smartphone.

Then look at your crush’s message and forget about your work.

You and your crush talking for hours then you realize and think about your to-do list at night.

So while you working make sure to turn off all the social media apps and notifications that pop up when you are working.

7. Take breaks

While you are working when you get bored then you take 15 minutes of breaks to treat your 45 minutes of work.

In these 15 minutes, you take a walk, have some water, and play with the children.

And basically, make sure to spend these 15 minutes productively.

Please while you take breaks don’t spend your time scrolling social media then distract your mind and force your mind to go to your comfort zone, that will harm your day and you lose your productivity.

8. Learn to say “NO”

image by Mohamed Hassan from pixabay

When you working sometimes your friends calls you and asks you to go outside, and you have to take action either Yes or No.

If you are serious about the work you doing and have to finish that day then you have to take action and say No to your friend.

If you things to go outside then finish your work in time and go outside and have fun, if not then stay and finish the work.

9. Focus on one thing at a time

Man smiling while talking in a phone
Credits: Unsplash

When you look at your list and you want to do things fast so that you spend more time on social media.

That’s not going to be work, you have to have patience and spent your time working on your things it takes time.

But don’t think to do multiple works at a time that manner you don’t finish any of your work.

Then you lose your productivity and lay down in bed scrolling social media. 

The Story

When I was waking up in the morning I do my morning routine “the 20/20/20 formula” and have a healthy breakfast.

Then suddenly when I was going to work get a message pops up and I was distracted that way.

I was not realized that for the sake of that notification I spent 3-4 productive hours scrolling social media.

I was brainwashed, distracted, and not able to know why I am doing this.

Then I realized that I have to write this article and suddenly wash my face and do the work.

Look, when you are a beginner you distract a lot but you have to keep doing this again and again.

This is not going to work in one day you have to keep patience and have to be productive at your work at home.

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