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The Story

With curiosity in my mind, I discovered youtube in a different way and upload a video about tense.

Because I have created a pdf to teach in my tuition center (started with my friend). So I thought I will make a video about it and share the video with the parents and parents will saw their child.

So I take 4 big chemistry books and place them one after one to make it a height to hold my mobile phone to record.

I started writing and explaining and recording with my phone, not the shitty quality and not good quality also.

Then I head over to youtube and publish the video on 22 Sep 2019 with just a title and nothing else.

I have not shared it with anyone and got 29 views on it because I watched it 29 times😀.

I found really fascinating that If I delete the video into my folder, I could watch the video anytime and anywhere.

After that, I am exploring the creator part of youtube and how it works.

On Ms tutorial, I started sharing about tense, current affairs, and quiz-related videos.

Then I found this is not going to be work so I rebrand it to “Odia Tathya” – there I shared about science, facts related videos in the Odia language.

Started getting 1 or 2 views on each video initially and post about more 100 videos with 28 subscribers (those are mainly by my friend and their friends)

Then I stop posting videos on that channel and later delete the channel.

so one day I realize how I am wasting so much time on different things, then started watching more content about how someone can better their life and implement those things in my life because I watch some of the content but implemented on myself and after started implementing those I started getting results.

I started working out, started reading the different books rather than only textbooks, and got so many results.

During that period I started exploring more about facts-related content, blogging, online business, book summaries, and stock market-related content.

so I started my first podcast in April 2020 and share thoughts about science and interesting facts about science, about India in English but their video version I share in my regional language “Odia”.

Then I create another youtube channel called “kichhi janiba” on 22 Sept 2020 and share the same fact-related content in a professional way and the motto of creating the channel is to improve communication skills.

started putting effort into my video, creating attractive thumbnails, and putting keywords and tags on my videos.

I gain 64 subscribers and 40,500 views with 153 videos in 171 days, Quit impressive than my first youtube channel.

I don’t know why I started losing interest in the channel, I think I am not gaining knowledge because I find content on the internet then copy-pastes it into video format, there is no experience required or knowledge required to create a video.

on the side, I consume content about personal development and implement those in my life.

one day thought of developing my English communication skills and the easiest way I found is start creating content in English, then I start my third youtube channel in Feb 2021 called “Proappsguide” later it rebrand into “productivity side”.

This way the productivity side was born.