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Welcome to Productivity Side – The one destination for your productive needs.

Productivity Side is an online blog to find resources on productivity, self-improvement, and personal growth. Here we share guides, and resources on everything related to productivity, self-improvement, and work and we make you find your productivity side hidden inside you.

We try our best to keep the Productivity Side a place to learn and be aware of everything you need to achieve success in life and work.

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Our Goal/Vision/Mission:

Our goal is to make Productivity Side the single place to find everything related to you, and your growth in your personal and professional life.

Our vision is to make you realize you also have a side deep within yourself that you can bring success in your personal and professional life.

Our mission is to achieve our goal and vision. I believe one day we will collectively a team of aspiring people can make this happen. My goal is to make happen what I am writing. When I will have doubts about myself for the website, come visit this page and remember what am i dreaming and aiming for.

Meet The Team:

I’m Soubhagya Sahu, Creator and Editor of Productivity Side. I am behind the scenes of this website and a sailor of the ship. You can follow me on Twitter and Linkedin and learn about my work on soubhagyasahu.com – where I share my learning and journey over time.

If you are a Freelance writer and want to write for us then you can contact us bringing our goal to reality.

How it Started – My Journey:

The journey started in my college days when I discovered YouTube as a creator platform. At that time my and friend ran a coaching class. I have created a PDF to share with students and wanted to make it a video as an easy way to share with students as they can easily learn from it.

At that time I was exploring YouTube, so I thought to make a video and upload it to YouTube and then share it with students. So i grab some books (4 big chemistry books) to make a height to hold my mobile to record then I explain everything I have written.

It was the Summer of 2019, I uploaded it on YouTube with just a title and nothing else.

It got 29 views because I watched the video over and over 29 times.

I found really fascinating that If I delete the video from my folder, I can watch the video anytime and anywhere.

This was really fascinating and I wanted to explore more.

Then on 22 Sept 2019, I started a YouTube channel called “Ms Tutuorials” to share about tense, current affairs, and quiz-related videos. It was a failure after some videos with terrible video edits and voiceovers.

Then I changed the channel name to “Odia Tathya”, where I planned to share science and facts related to videos in the Odia language (My Regional Language).

Started getting 1 or 2 views on each video initially and posted more than 100 videos with 28 subscribers (those are mainly by my friend and their friends)

Then I stopped posting videos on that channel because I was not getting what I was expected and later deleted the channel.

This was my introduction to the online creator world.

One day after that I realize, how I am wasting so much time on different things. The guilt of wasting so much time enables me to explore to improve myself. I found a lot of disorganized resources online and started implementing those in my life.

I started working out, started reading different books rather than textbooks, and started to see changes in myself.

During that period I started exploring more about facts-related content, blogging, online business, book summaries, and stock market-related content.

This was the starting point of my productivity, blogging, and online business journey.

So I started my first podcast in April 2020 and shared interesting facts on science and also started making a video version of it in Odia Language under the name of “Weekly Facts”.

Didn’t work and I was also a failure.

After a month or two, I created another YouTube channel called “Kichhi Janiba” on 22 Sept 2020 and shared the same fact-related content.

This time it was professional and the main goal of the channel was to improve my communication skills.

Started putting effort into my videos, creating attractive thumbnails, and putting keywords and tags on my videos.

I gained 64 subscribers and 40,500 views with 153 videos in 171 days, It was more impressive than my first YouTube channel.

I don’t know why I started losing interest in the channel, I think I was not gaining knowledge because I find content on the internet and then copy-paste it into video format, there is no experience or knowledge required to create a video.

On the side, I was consuming content about personal development and implementing those in my life.

So, I took a break from the YouTube channel.

Then started thinking about sharing my learnings from my journey and started another YouTube channel in Feb 2021 called “Proappsguide” – It was a bad name and later rebranded it to “Productivity Side”.

This way Productivity Side started.

I also created a website on Blogger on the side because I could not afford to buy domain and hosting for it.

Over time I saved some money from coaching then bought domain and hosting on 2nd May 2020 and swift to WordPress.

This is the journey of me and this website. Throughout the journey, I learned so much.

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