5 Best Calendar Apps for Windows

Staying organized is the key to managing in our hectic world. whether it’s keeping your important work on track or personal goals, you have to track your life.

A best calendar can be helpful for you to manage your work and life. For Windows users, finding the best calendar that works on the system very well is key to managing your life.

We have to look at the calendar that is very compatible with Windows OS and can be found for other different devices to sync everything in your smartphone or iOS devices.

Let’s look at the best calendar apps for Windows that would work for you.

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Best Calendar Apps for Windows at a Glance

Here are the best calendar apps for Windows at a glance.

  • Morgen – Best overall
  • Any.do – Best for professionals who need a to-do app with it.
  • Windows Calendar – Free Windows app
  • Cron – Modern calendar app for professionals
  • Amie – Calendar app with todos with the best overall

You can see the full details of the mentioned apps below.


Available On: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Morgen calendar

Morgen is a minimalist and beautifully designed calendar app that is available for all the different devices including Windows. It will be easy to manage your work in the calendar. Morgen is a calendar app that has an integrated task manager app so when you need to write todos you can do so in the app.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the Morgen app.

  • Integrate with other calendars so that you can access all the calendars in one place for easy organization.
  • Advanced scheduling features make it easy to manage your meetings
  • Build-in search features to quickly access your events
  • Multi Timezone support for working people around the world
  • You can navigate with shortcuts
  • Personalized Meeting booking page for team members, employees, and entrepreneurs
  • Access all your todo lists in one calendar
  • Set recurring tasks for repeating tasks


Here is the pricing structure of the Morgen calendar to find your suitable plan.

  • Free plan – You can use it for free with 1 calendar account
  • Morgen Plus – $4 per month
  • Morgen Pro – $9 per month
  • Morgen Pro for Team – Contact support
Morgen Calendar pricing

Pros and Cons:


  • Available for different devices
  • Modern design with the best user experience
  • Seamless Integrations with other apps
  • Access all your calendar apps in one place to work efficiently
  • Smart reminders and timezone support for working faster

Overall, Morgen is one of the best apps for your Windows device to use. It is also available for other devices if you ever need it. You can find feathers that will help you to work faster and productively and organize things.

Any.do Calendar

Available On: Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS

Any do calendar

Any do is a task management app with a calendar app. If you need a calendar app that needs a task management app then Any.do is for you. You can access it on your other devices other than Windows. With Anydo you can organize your events and todos in one place and you don’t have to use other to-do list apps but it supports other to-do list apps.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Any.do calendar.

  • Calendar app with a task management app
  • All other calendars are in one place for easier organization
  • Home screen widgets for quick access
  • Scheduling and reminder features


Here is the pricing structure of the Any Do app.

  • Personal Plan – Free
  • Premium Plan – $3 per month
  • Team Plan – $5 per month

Pros and Cons:


  • Task Management with a calendar app
  • cross-platform sync
  • Reminders and smart suggestions for tasks creation


  • The user interface may be complex

Overall, Any.do is the best calendar app that wants to have a task management and calendar app combined. You can use the calendar app without any to-do app.

Windows Calendar

Available On: Windows calendar comes pre-installed on Windows devices.

Windows calendar

Windows calendar app is a simple app that comes pre-installed with Windows devices. If you are a beginner and want to use a simple and free app then you can use the Windows calendar app. But it lacks some advanced features when it comes to professionals and is also not available for other devices.

Key Features

Here are some Windows calendar features.

  • Different calendar views like Day view, Week, Month, Year View
  • Simple Event creation
  • Sync across devices with a Microsoft account
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft services


Windows Calendar is free to use and comes with the Windows operating system pre-installed.

Pros and Cons:


  • Simple Calendar app.
  • Build-in calendar app for Windows users


  • No advance features
  • Not for you if are not a Windows user
  • Very basic calendar with limited features

Overall, Windows Calendar is a simple app and if you want to use then you can use it on your Windows devices. If you want to have a more advanced calendar app then you can choose some other apps like Morgen.


Available On: Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android (Coming soon)

Cron calendar

Cron is a beautifully designed calendar app that is for professionals and teams. It is relatively new and the calendar app is easy to use. You can use the app for free.

Key Features

Here are some key features of the Cron calendar

  • Adjust the no. of days you want to show on the screen
  • Multiple timezone support
  • Color code your events
  • Day/week/month view
  • Free/busy and event visibility
  • Drag and drop ICS files
  • Time zone switcher
  • Create and edit repeat events


Cron calendar is free to use and you can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices. You can also use the calendar app in your web browser, now it supports the web version also.

Pros and Cons:


  • New and Modern Design
  • Free to use
  • Easy to create and manage events


  • No Android App right now

Overall, For those who are new to using a calendar and for beginners, the Cron calendar is the best option. It integrates and syncs with your Apple and Google calendars so you can efficiently manage them.


Available On: Web, Android, Windows, iPhone, and Mac

amie calendar

Amie is a beautiful and modern calendar app that allows you to access todos in your calendar app. It comes with a task management app inbuilt so you don’t have to worry about your todos. Amie is an elegant calendar app that makes you use its user experience.

Key Features

Here are a few distinguishing qualities of the Amie calendar that will help you learn more about it.

  • To-do list in the calendar app – Color-code your calendar
  • Spotify integration for team tracking.
  • Send links for scheduling
  • Support for multiple time zones and improved team management


Here is the pricing structure of Amie Calendar to know your requirements.

  • Personal Plan – Free to use with private calendar, one-year privacy, and 20 monthly share links
  • Professional Plan – $10 per user per month With team calendar, Ultimate history, and ultimate share links
amie calendar mobile

Pros and Cons:


  • Easily manage tasks with a calendar and to-do list app merged – Morden Design and improved user experience
  • Control several calendars
  • Use the team calendar to manage your calendars – Advanced collaboration and meeting features


The program has a learning curve and doesn’t support advanced task management. It is better suited for small teams and shouldn’t be used only for project management.

Amie is an excellent choice for individuals and small teams seeking effective connectivity. However, for larger teams, it is advisable to utilize a project management application in conjunction with another app to facilitate efficient organization. Amie possesses all the necessary features to easily handle a team consisting of 5-10 members, but managing a larger team may prove to be challenging.


When it comes to calendar apps you have to look for your own convenience. Whether you prefer a simple or better-looking interface or advanced features for yourself. You have to choose an app that is suitable for you. You can consider these apps for your Windows devices. Hope you will find one for your use.

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