5 Best Calendar Apps in 2023

best calendar apps

Nearly 70% of working people rely on a digital calendar to manage their life.

Calendars are really important to overview your week and month and how you manage your time.

Let’s look at some best calendar apps that might help you.

The Best Calendar App

Best calendar app for Android Users

Google Calendar (Apple, Android, Web)

Google Calendar is a widely used and popular calendar app used by most people.

It has some advanced functionality that also makes this calendar app special.

I have compared google calendar with the cron calendar and you can browse the tips and tricks to understand this app better.

google calendar
Google Calendar

Pricing of Google Calendar: Free and include google workspace with a cost of $6 per user per month.

Features of Google calendar:

  • Set Goals
  • Add Gmail to the calendar
  • Integrate with google tasks

Best Premium Calendar App

Fantastical 2 (macOS)

Fantastic 2 is a beautifully designed calendar application that is only available for macOS.

It has owned the mac app of the year and the apple design award.

Fantastical features include widgets, files and photo attachments, event and task templates, and many more.

It is flexible with all your apple devices like the apple watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

fantastical 2 calendar
Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 Pricing: Free; Premium costs $3.33 per month, and for families up to 5 costs $5.42 per month

Features of Fantastical 2:

The app has many different features, but these are interesting;

  • Templates for tasks and events
  • Different calendars for TV, sports, holidays, etc.
  • Home screen widgets

Best Calendar App for Professionals

Cron (Desktop)

Cron is a beautifully designed calendar app for professionals and teams. This is a relatively new platform and it’s constantly upgrading. We have reviewed the cron and you can see the tips and tricks on it also.

Pricing of Cron: Free

Features of Cron Calendar:

  • Multiple timezones
  • Color code events
  • Grid density and resizing

Best Calendar app for Microsoft User

Microsoft outlook calendar (Android, iOS, Web)

Outlook is a calendar by Microsoft, and it’s best for Microsoft users.

You can do all the things a basic calendar can do and get other Office 365 apps connected to get more functionality.

Outlook Calendar
Outlook Calendar

Pricing of Microsoft Outlook: Free and with office 365 costs $6.00 per user/month

Features of Outlook Calendar:

  • Create appointments and events
  • View group schedules
  • View calendars side-by-side
  • Send calendars to anyone through email

Best Free calendar app for iOS Users

Apple Calendar (iOS)

Apple calendar works well with its ecosystem.

Apple Calendar is a clean and simple calendar that gives by default on Macs and iPhones.

It’s the best free option for iOS users. Its clean interface makes you focus and gets you to do more work without any type of distraction.

Apple Calendar
Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar Pricing: Free

Apple calendar Key features:

  • Add multiple accounts in one calendar
  • Use calendar Widgets
  • Integrate with Siri

Best Calendar app with task manager

Any do (Android, iOS, Web)

If you are searching for a combo of task manager and calendar app then this is the right app to explore.

Any do is a calendar app with a to-do list. You can simply create a to-do list then you can look at the calendar for the tasks.

Pricing of Any do: Free, $2.99 per month billed annually

Features of Any do:

  • Advanced Recurring Reminders
  • WhatsApp Reminders
  • Unlimited Daily Planner

The Best Calendar App for You?

In every article, I said this, and I am saying now, It’s up to you!

If you need a free android calendar app, then go with google calendar,

if you need a nicely designed premium app, then go with fantastical 2,

if you need a nicely designed free app, then go with the cron calendar.

If you need a calendar app with a to-do list, go with any do.

But you need to look for one thing, you are getting productive, and the app is working for you. That it!

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