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2.65 billion users use the chrome browser and work hours in the browser.

From those, some of them are more do smart than hard work using some of the best chrome extensions. Everyone can use those best chrome extensions.

Chrome extensions are made some of the difficult work more easy and simple. Read about those best chrome extensions to know about them.

How to install chrome extensions

Step:1 go to chrome.google.com

step:2 search or select the chrome extension

step:3 Click on “add to chrome” to install

How to uninstall Chrome extensions

Step:1 Click the icon in the extension bar which you want to uninstall

Step:2 Right-click and select “Remove from Chrome”

Best chrome extensions everyone should use in 2021

Reader View

In the distractive where everyone distracting through social media or while reading a blog post. You might be distracted or thinking about something else.

You can read peacefully blogposts using reader view.

This will allow you to read the article without any distractions like ads, or any other distractions. You just have to select the article you want to read then click on the reader view chrome extension, it will activate.

Features of Reader view:

  • You can change font style (Sans-serif & Serif ), font size, and background color.
  • You can send the article to someone in the mail, or print the article.
  • You can read the article like read aloud chrome extension
  • Customize the article for yourself.
  • Change the size of an image.


As it is named it will help you to stay focused while you are working.

This will block unnecessary or destructive websites and make sure when you visit the site it will not open.

Just add the chrome extension and click on the stay-focused chrome extension and block the sites you want. It is one of the best chrome extensions you must have.

Some of the Features of staying focused:

  • Set the allowlist and blocklist sites.
  • You can set the time you want to open the blocked sites.
  • customize many features.

Todoist for Chrome

Todoist will help you to make a to-do list and manage your work with your team. Todoist is used by 25 million people to organize, plan and collaborate on projects with their teams.

It has lots of useful features to stay organized. I have this application on every device possible.

Some of the features of a Todoist:

  • You can add labels, and set priority levels.
  • Set reminder (recurring also)
  • Manage and filter your project.
  • Assign work to other team members.
Todoist chrome extension

Evernote Web Clipper

If you are using Evernote then definitely use must use Evernote web clipper. it will help you to clip your favorite quotes or paragraphs into your Evernote account.

Some features of Evernote web clipper:

  • You can take screenshots of your favorite part of the article.
  • Save web pages
  • Highlight favorite texts.
  • Sync with all other devices.
Evernote chrome extension tutorial

Just read

Just read chrome extension is similar to the reader view, it will curate the only article on the webpage and show you very neat and clean where you can’t able to distract yourself.

it has also its premium plan of $1/month (charges annually).

Some features of Just read

  • You can customize the theme.
  • Delete unwanted parts
  • Text annotating and highlighting

Save to keep

Save to keep chrome extension will help you bring the web content into a google keep account. Google is very google software to use in mobile and in web browsers.

The extension curated the things into google keep.

Google keep has lots of features you can use the tips and tricks of google keep.

Google Keep chrome extension


Are you making lots of grammar mistakes while you writing online? then Grammarly will help you to correct the grammar mistakes you make online.

This is the most popular and one of the best chrome extensions.

I am using this tool when I started writing online. it removes your headache of writing wrong or making mistakes.


LastPass is a free password manager where you can manage the passwords more securely all passwords are in one place you just have to remember the master password of LastPass to see and manage all passwords.

  • You just have to remember one password
  • generate secure passwords
  • Nobody can see your passwords including LastPass
  • easily access passwords with one click whenever you need


Foxclocks allow you to see the time of all other countries or cities.

You can quickly access other countries’ or city’s passwords with just one click using this chrome extension.


Replace your basic homepage with more fancy and inspirational background images with lots of features.

Get inspired with daily quotes and inspirational thoughts. Momentum has a to-do list and weather features also.

Read Aloud: A Text-to-Speech Voice Reader

This extension will help you to read the article or pdf using text-to-speech technology. I use this extension when I want to listen instead of reading articles.

To activate you just have to select the article and click on the read-aloud chrome extension icon and it will narrate the article.

Save to Pocket

If you are a busy person and don’t have time to read articles or watch videos or listen to podcasts you want.

You can use the pocket to save the links and visit later to read or watch. You just have to select the web link and click on the pocket icon on the extension bar.

Some of the features of pocket

  • organize with tags
  • make highlights
  • Archive and favorite

Simple Todo

If you are a big fan of the to-do list and you work accordingly from your list, then replace the new tab with a simple to-do list with three bars (today, next week, and eventually).

You can use background images and different colors also.

Todo list meme
Simple todo chrome extension

What Font – find the font

You are browsing the internet and you like a font very much and you want to use it on your website or in your images or graphics.

But you don’t know the name of the font you are looking at, you can use it to know the font name with other properties.

Just click on the what font icon and hover on the font and then click it will show all other pieces of information.

Notion Web Clipper

Like Evernote web clipper or save to keep, it also allows you to curate the phrases of the article into the notion account. It also saves the entire webpage into notion.

The Great Suspender Original

Sometimes we open lots of tabs without realizing and it makes the browser slow to access.

The extension suspends the tab which is not been visited for a long time. After you visit the tab you can reload again.


If you are a person who use to work while playing music or background noise, then Noilsi is a great option for it. Click on the Noisli icon to access the playlists like productivity, random, relax, noise blocker, motivation, etc.

Email Tracker for Gmail – Mailtrack

Mailtrack allows you to track the emails you sent and whether the person opens it or not or reads it or not, it shows you everything. You just have to connect the mail track to your Gmail and you get to go. It’s safe and secure to use.

Ugly Email

When you open your mail you face lots of spam and promotional emails and many of them track your behaviors. The ugly email will help you to block the tracking of those emails.

Picture-in-Picture for Chrome

Picture in picture chrome extension allows you to want on the floating window while browsing other tabs.

It supports youtube, twitch, mixer, Facebook, and many other sites. It supports all formats and you can resize the floating window.

Workona Tab Manager

Working allows you to manage your tabs and organize your tab and projects and you can visit the tab whenever you want. you can make backups and restore your projects.

Audiblogs (Send As Podcast)

You are more at listening to things instead of reading audio blogs will help you to convert the article into a podcast or audio format. You can listen whenever you want to listen on the app.

audio read or audiblogs

Notion Boost

Notion boost used in notion to create the outline of the format you wrote like on google docs and MS Word. It helps you to navigate by creating outlines or tables of content in notion.

News Feed Eradicator

When you visit any social media on your browser the newsfeed pups up and you forget about what you are doing. and the newsfeed distracts you from your work like messaging a very important person.

The newsfeed eradicator allows you to vanish from the newsfeed so that you can focus on your work.

This extension is supported for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Reddit, y-combinator news, and Github.


Use the chrome extension that you think will help you to make it difficult to think simply share your best chrome extensions name in the comment and suggest any extension name to add to this.

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