15 Best Google Calendar Extensions & Addons to boost productivity

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps that you can use to maximize your productivity and organize your work well.

You can find many useful features and tips and tricks that with help you to use the app at its maximum output. It is one of the free Android calendar apps. You can also find the Google Calendar alternative here if you want.

To maximize the output and performance you can also use some extensions and addons. Google has its Chrome web store and marketplace where you can find lots of Chrome extensions for Google products like Google Calendar and other useful Chrome extensions.

You can also an addon to your calendar app to make it a powerful app to use.

Here we have listed some of the best add-ons and extensions specifically for Google Calendar that you can use. Let’s see what are they and how unique they provide value to the app.

Best Google Calendar Extensions

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

Checker Plus for Google Calendar is an extension that will help you view calendars instantly without opening the app and switch different types of views, reminders, and other useful features. You can use this extension to quickly see your calendar events and to-dos with some other features.

Event Merge For Google Calendar

This Chrome extension helps you to merge the same events on multiple calendars into one event. This Chrome extension merges all other calendars like your work calendar, personal calendar, or team-shared calendar events into one event.


GcalPlus is an extension that shrinks all your events into small events so that you look declutter in your calendar. It makes a small events box to clean the view with events. It also has other features like a weekend background, event title on hover, expanded overlapping week events, and many more.

Teamcal For Google Calendar

Teamcal provides a timeline view layout to the Google Calendar app that displays many calendars ay ones. Google Calendar does have many views like day, week, and month views but it lacks a timeline view and Teamcal makes it possible with its extension for Google Calendar.

Tags For Google Calendar

Google Calendar doesn’t have any functionality of tags but this extension makes it possible to add tags to your Google Calendar. It is best for organizing your events and sorting through all your events with categories. This extension can be a game changer for someone who needs to sort and organize their events in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Weekend Highlighter

This extension helps you to highlight your weekends in the Google calendar. This extension lets you choose two custom colors and two days and those days will be colored with those background colors in different types of views like day, week, and month view.

Hide Mornging in Calendar

This is also a useful extension you can use. This extension lets you hide your morning in your calendar. Many people actually don’t need those morning hours it block the best view of events. You can use this extension to hide those morning hours in your Google calendar.

Google Calendar Quick Duclicate

Quick duplicate in Google Calendar is intimidating. It actually makes a copy with a dialog of it to add as an event. This simple extension can quickly duplicate events on Google Calendar. When you copy the event it does not appear in full page dialog but make a copy of the event next to it.

Better Google Calendar Alerts

This is an extension that provides better alerts of your events and tasks. It replaces the default reminder in Google Calendar and makes it better to use in the calendar app.


Using this extension, you will able to color-code your calendar. You can select different text colors and background colors for different days.

Disable Month Scroll

This is an extension that disables your monthly scroll in Google Calendar. In Google Calendar when you scroll through dates and after a month’s end it jumps to the monthly view. With this extension, you will able to disable this option and when a month ends it will start the next month instead of jumping to month view.

Best Google Calendar Addons

AI for Google Calendar

The smart scheduling tool Reclaim AI for Google Calendar automatically creates the ideal weekly agenda for your priorities using artificial intelligence. You can use this add-on to schedule your tasks. habits, meetings, break time, and time tracking inside Google Calendar using artificial intelligence.

SMS reminder for Google Calendar

This addon gives you a feature of SMS reminders of your events in Google Calendar. I don’t think this is a pretty good function you should add to your calendar app.

Even if you don’t use the addon you will get the default reminder of Google Calendar and that can be good for you. SMS reminders will make you check your phone frequently and it’s bad for your productivity.

I have added this to the list thinking it might be useful for someone.


This is a useful addon you can add to your calendar app. This addon allows you to export your Google Calendar data into Excel or Google Sheets. Using this addon you will able to calculate and export the time of your events from Google Calendar and see the metrics of your productivity.

Teamcal for Google Calendar

This is the same Teamcal extension we have talked about before but it also came as an add-on so you can use it inside the Google Calendar app if you want instead of downloading the Chrome extension. This app transforms your Google calendar into a timeline view to see your projects and tasks easily.

Wrapping Up…

So these are some of the Google Calendar extensions and addons that you use to make yourself productive. You can use these tools to help you organize and manage your all work in Google Calendar.

You also don’t overuse these tools to clutter your calendar, and it will make you less productive. So if you have any tool in mind then you can mention it to us.

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