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Cron Calendar (Review): The best calendar for professionals like you?

Cron calendar

More than 500 million people are using Google Calendar on daily basis. That’s a lot of users, Right. Google Calendar is a great tool to schedule tasks, meetings, and all of the things you do in your life.

Calenders are really helping to manage the time rightfully, most of the successful people are use their calendars to schedule all of the things that are happening whether it’s meetings, tasks, occasions.

Here is another tool that gives you extra features with easy to use interface, Cron calendar.

Cron is a powerful calendar to use and many professionals are using cron calendar.

Cron calander: what is cron?

Cron is a calendar for everyone to manage their tasks, events, and meetings. As their say “cron is a next-generation calendar for professionals and teams.

Cron is a relatively new platform to explore and use. I first saw it on product hunt golden kitty awards, I was impressed by the first look of it.

Because it’s in the beta stage, you only now can go to their website and put your email to get access to the app.

So I put the mail and after a few days, I received a unique link to access the cron app.

After downloading you have to connect to the existing calendar you have like Google calendar and then they all the required data to set up and get ready to use the app.

I am now using and scheduling my all tasks and meetings in the cron calendar. The best part about this app is its auto-syncs with your Google calendar. That is like a win-win situation.

If you want to look at your calendar on your mobile you can access all of your tasks auto-synced in your Google Calendar. You can just open the Google calendar app and see all of the things you did in your cron calendar. It’s awesome 😎.


Because cron calendar is in the beta stage and they aren’t rolled out the whole app yet, now it’s free and they have to be a free app to compete on the marketing because they have a big giant competitor Google calendar.

But I think, they may be going to be a freemium app where some of the basic features are free and cool, and advanced features are paid subscriptions.

We don’t have any confirmation yet, I will let you know about it in the future on my Twitter.

Cron calendar features?

Cron has lots of features to explore and use in your daily work. Like,

  • You can create and edit repeat events those events you use frequently.
  • You can resize your spacing on calander grid density and resizing.
  • Able to switch between different timezone and add the timezone in side of the calander.
  • Colour code you events to catagirize.
  • Adjust the no. Of days you can see on the screen.

And many more features that you can see on the cron calendar. You can see all features on the tips and tricks page.

Google Calendar vs cron calander

It’s hard to compare actually hard to compare both of the apps because all of the features that talk about before having in both apps except the no. Of days to show in screen.

Both calendars are better to use and have lots of functionality to use. But here google win because,

  1. If you use Google calander then It’s everywhere, on you pc, laptop, mobile phone, tablets.
  2. If you use cron, you have to download for all of your devices.

How to get access to the cron calander?

Right now cron is in the beta stage so you have to send the request to them to access the app.

First go to the official website, enter your email, and click on the “request access” button to get mail from them with a unique invite link. It may take 3-5 days.

Cron calendar
Cron calendar


Cron is actually a beautiful calendar to use. For now, when you use cron and make any changes it will auto-sync with other calendars like Google Calendar. If they remove then it’s hard to convince people to use them. Because everything cron has Google Calendar also have. Let me know your opinion. 😶