Cron Calendar vs Fantastical: Which one is better?

Calendars are essential tools to organize, schedule and balance your life. You can use a calendar to view the upcoming days’ overview. There are plenty of good calendars out there.

We have also made a list of the best calendar apps to look after but here we are comparing the two best calendars: Cron Calendar and Fantastical.

We are going to look at the features, pricing, and overall features to find the best calendar for you.

Cron Calendar Vs Fantastical: Overview

Cron calendar

The Cron calendar is a relatively new and beautiful calendar. Cron is a minimalist calendar that is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and on the web.

It supports the Google Calendar. We have reviewed the cron calendar and told how it works with google calendar.

It basically links to your Gmail account and when you add new tasks or events it also shows on google calendar and it will be easy for you to sync with both apps.

It allows users to easily view ad manage their events, schedule their tasks, set reminders, manage meetings, and collaborate with others.

Cron allows users to attach Notion files and pages to their calendar events and attachments. Also, Cron is also available on the web now, so you can use this app on your Windows, iOS, and on Web now.

Fantastical calendar interface

On the other hand fantastical is a more robust app that offers a wide range of features including quick energy features, natural language parsing, and support with multiple calendars.

It is also able to integrate with other tools like Zoom, google meet, and Microsoft Teams to make a popular choice for the professional to choose it for the meeting. It is one of the best-looking and most aesthetic calendar apps.

Fantastical also integrates with Todoist and makes it easy to add tasks to your calendar. it also has multiple beautiful widgets that will help you to look at your task without opening the app and it also looks pretty good for your devices.

Cron calendar Vs Fantastical: Features

Cron calendar interface

When it comes to features, Fantastical offers so many features and a wide range of options rather than the cron calendar. Some of the fantastical features are:

  • Natural Language Parsing – With Fantastical, you can simply type the sentences and you will get the tasks added, like “Meeting with the boss at 9 AM”.
  • Quick Entry features – You don’t have to open the app to add new events you can just add new events within a short.
  • Multiple calendars like google calendar, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and others in one app.
  • Integrate with other apps.
  • Beautiful Widgets to add to your smartphones

Cron also offers some features that will interest you with its clean and minimalist interface.

  • Color Code your events
  • Switch timezones
  • Collaborate with other people to share availability
  • Create and edit your repeated tasks
  • Add Notion Docs to your Events
  • Attach Event links like Any important docs, Notion pages, or any links.

Cron Calendar Vs Fantastical: Pricing

Fantastical Pricing

Cron is free to use. Fantatricl is a premium app with 14 free trials.

Fantastical is $4.75/per month for individuals, $7.50/per month for family 5 members, and For teams and business Fantastical is $4.75 per user per month and this plan let you manage users with their own premium account.

Both are good calendars but if you want the best calendar app for your business, official, and work needs then you can invest in Fantastical it will be the best app for you. But if you want to try a minimalist calendar then you can try a cron calendar.

Cron calendar Vs Fantastical: Which one is best for you?

Color code in cron calendar

When it comes to choosing the right calendar for you between cron calendar and Fantastical, you have to look at your individual need and preference.

If you need a fully flexed and best-looking app then you can go with Fantastical and if you need a free option then go with Cron Calendar.

Here is a table we have made to choose your calendar for you to compare their features, pricing, and overall use.

FeaturesCron CalendarFantastical
InterfaceClean and Minimalist DesignSleek and Intuitive Design
AvailabilityWeb, iOS, WindowsiOS devices including Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.
Quick Entry featureNot AvailableAvailable for Events
Multiple calendar supportOnly Google accountsAdd Multiple accounts
Natural Language ParsingNot AvailableAvailable
Timezone Switch featureAvailableNot Available
Integrate with other appsOffers limited IntegrationsIntegrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc.
CollaborationsOffers basic sharing and collaborationLimited collaboration features
ReminderBasic reminder functionalityCustomizable reminders
Widgets5-6 Widgets14 Widgets
PricingFreePremium with 14 days free trial
Try NowTry Now
Comparison Between Cron Calendar vs Fantastical
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