Cron Calendar vs Windows Calendar: Which One is Better for You?

Calendars are necessary in the digital age to manage your schedules effectively.

There are plenty of the best calendar apps to choose from.

From those Cron calendar and Widows calendars are the two popular options.

In this article, we will compare two apps to determine which calendar app is best for you. We will see the design of the app, Features, pricing, and overall useability.

We will see what’s a good app for you to use.

Cron Calendar Vs Windows Calendar: Overview and Design

Cron calendar

Cron Calendar is a minimalist designed and clean interface-based calendar app.

It is available on the web, iOS, Mac, and Windows. It offers users a clutter-free experience to focus on their schedules without any distractions.

Cron allows users to attach Notion files and pages to their calendar events and attachments. Also, Cron is also available on the web now.

On the other hand, Windows Calendar is a native calendar app pre-installed on Windows devices. It is a simple calendar that provides seamless integration with other Windows apps.

Both apps are useful and provide a better user experience but their design might differ very much. Windows Calendar is an old system calendar app whereas the Cron calendar is a modern and nice-looking calendar.

Cron Calendar Vs Windows Calendar: Features

Cron Calendar is the best app to use for your personal and professional use. It has a lot of features that will help you to make a good calendar app to manage your work.

Here are some of the features of the cron calendar to know about the app.

  • You can share your availability with others
  • You can adjust the no. of days to show on the screen.
  • Color code your calendar
  • You can switch between Day/week/month view
  • You can switch between timezones
  • Create and edit your repeat events

Cron has lots of other features you can learn about them.

On the other hand, Windows Calendar has simple features to support it as a good calendar app for beginners to use.

Here are some of the Windows calendar features to get a good idea about the calendar

  • Multiple views in the calendar like Day, month, year
  • Color coding events
  • Make reminders in the Calendar
  • Share events and calendars with others
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Automatically syncs with your online calendar
  • Add Notion Docs to your Events
  • Attach Event links like Any important docs, Notion pages, or any links.

Cron Calendar Vs Windows Calendar: Pricing

Both calendars are free to use.

So if you have a doubt about using a cron calendar or Windows calendar then you use to make decisions based on other things like availability, features, and use. If want a Windows app to use then you can use the Windows calendar app.

If you want a modern-looking Windows calendar that is available for your other devices then you can use Cron calendar.

Cron Calendar Vs Windows Calendar: Which one is best for you?

So which one is best for you? It is based on your preferences and use.

If you like to use Windows Calendar then you can use it on your Windows devices. If you want to use a modern app then you can use Cron Calendar.

Here is a table comparing features and availability for both Windows calendar and Cron calendar to easily know which one to use.

FeaturesCron CalendarWindows Calendar
InterfaceClean and minimalistIntegrate with other Office 360 apps
AvailabilityWeb, iOS, Windows, MacWindows
CollaborationCollaboration with sharing calendarsSimple Features
IntegrationLimited IntegrationsInetegarte with other Office 360 apps
Advanced SchedulingAvailableNo
Multiple time zonesYesNo
Dark modeYesNo
Try NowTry Now
Comparison Between Cron Calendar vs Windows Calendar

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