Flomo Note-taking App Review: The Best Note-taking app?

Writing memos or notes must be easy and smooth and that’s what makes the Flomo note-taking app. Flomo is a note-taking application that allows you to create notes that they called memos. And one cool thing is that Flomo=Flow+Memo.

Note-taking is a fundamental need for creative persons like artists, writers, businessmen, singers, etc. Let’s follow the Flomo Note-taking app and how it was, in terms of note-taking and Is it the best note-taking app.

What is the Flomo Note-taking app?

google keep vs flomo notes
Image: Flomo app

To be precise Flomo is a notetaking application based on the zettelkasten method. It is featured in the “product hunts golden kitty award of the mobile app of the year” category. Flomo allows you to create memos of your ideas or what you want to store for future use.

Flomo gives a rapid experience of note-taking with the daily review, WeChat input, and cloud sync.

Flomo is based on the zettelkasten method, let’s look at it and what the method is.

The zettelkasten method

The zettelkasten method
Source: Wikipedia

The zettelkasten method is made up of interlinking of notes and categorizing them with tags. This is used as a note-taking system to well manage the information. This was used to curate information to enhance workflow and creativity.

Flomo used this method with their interlinking of notes that they call “backlink” and organize with tags and subtags.

when an idea pops up in your mind you can create a note with appropriate tags and subtags.

Flomo App: Features

flomo notes interface
  1. Overview/Heatmap: This is where you can see the no. of tags and how many memos you created on a specific day
  2. Memo: This is where all the memos are stored.
  3. Writing Box: The writing box is quite simple and useful with tags, a bullet list, numbered list, bold, underlining, and an option to upload an image.
  4. What input: This is where you can put all the WeChat conversations, you just have to scan the QR scan to connect to WeChat.
  5. Daily Review: This is where you can review all your memos
  6. Tags and SubTags: The most important one is tags and subtags. This is the core of this application where you sort your memos with tags and subtags. Tags help you to get organized.
  7. Backlink: The backlink or the interlinking of notes according to the zettelkasten method where you link to other pages and interlink with them.
  8. API: YOu can connect to different other applications like Notion, iOS Shortcut, Kindle to Flomo, Alfred to Flomo, Popclip to Flomo, MarginNote to Flomo, Drafts to Flomo, and more.

Flomo App: pricing

flomo notes pricing
Image: Flomo

The Flomo app is free to use for a certain feature and you can purchase the pro plan also for $19.9/year. If you like the note-taking app then the price is fair to use and you can get API and backlink (the core feature of the app) to use.

The free-plan

  • WeChat input:
  • Text/Image
  • Tag system
  • MEMO statistics
  • Data export
  • Unlimited text records
  • 500M Image storage
  • image compression

The Pro-plan

  • WeChat input: Text/Image
  • Tag system
  • MEMO statistics
  • Data export
  • Unlimited text records
  • 10G Image storage
  • Upload original images
  • WeChat Input: Voice
  • Daily review
  • BacklinkTag Icon
  • API

Flomo Mobile app

As it has been selected for the mobile app of the year, I think the user interface and look must be good.

Image: Flomo

Is the app right for you? – Final thoughts on the Flomo Note-taking app

The note-taking app is good, but not bad to use with its minimalist interface and functionality. you can use the app for the backlink and tag system that the app is based on, but there are many note-taking apps out there that have lots of features with easy-to-use interfaces. Comment your opinion on this and whether are you going to use the Flomo app.

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