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FocusMe Short Review – Productivity Side

Focusme Short review
Focusme Short review

🤔What is FocusMe?

  • FocusMe is a distraction-blocking application that will help you to eliminate your mobile distraction and force you to become more focused and productive. You can get rid of any website and app distraction using focusme.
  • Focume will block the websites and applications that you use frequently and are very often distracted with like social media, entertainment websites/apps, or adult websites.


  • macOS, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Android


👪Best For

  • Who is addicted to their mobile phone or any device
  • Who wants to take control of their time


🔑Key features: Short Review

  • Pomodoro Timer: Focusme will allow you to use your device only for 5min and you will not get distracted for hours scrolling your mobile
  • Activity Tracker: This feature will track your usage of your application or you can say where you waste your time more.
  • App Limit: This will allow you to put a limit on spending time on specific apps/websites
  • Automatic Schedule: You can predefine the timer to set according to your choice.

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