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How many hours do you look at your mobile phone?

A/c research performed by rescue time on an avg 3 hours and 15 minutes people spend on their mobile phones. (2018)

is the data current in 2021?

But another study found that during the pandemic time screen, time increased from 3.5h to 5.1h.

that’s insane!

We wake up and start using mobile and when we go to our bed then we drop our mobile. That’s how we are addicted to the device. But we have to stop using our smartphones and start working, and that comes to the Forest app.

This will help you to stay focused on your work and limit your screen time to the least amount of time. This article is showing the forest app review and everything you need to know about forests.

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Forest app: overview

Forest app is a productive app that helps you to get rid of your mobile addiction and help you to stay focused on your work. The app has its android and ios versions.

The app is awarded and recognized by 30+ platforms including Forbes, business insider, life hacker, the new york times, entrepreneurs, and many more publications.

You just have to set your reminder and the app will block all the applications in that interval of time when you finish that time and don’t touch your smartphone, you will get a small and beautiful plant for your virtual plant.

forest app screenshot
Image: Forest app

How does the forest app work?

When you open the app, then you will see some of the images appear in the first place.

start with an image showing a little tree with a “stay focused”, as you scroll to the right then you see these; “plant a tree”, “stop pubbing”, “Build your forest”, “Develop work patterns” and the final image shows you a little button with “start planting”.

When you click on the start planting option then you will see an interface of little round time with a small tree inside the time and encourage you to start the timer by saying “start planting today”.

The timer is with at least 10 minutes and you can expand it up to 2 hours as your requirement.

Then you will see two icons of countdown and fire in the center of the upper bar.

The first one is the timer where you can see they have;

  • Deep focus: where you will get guided back if you leave the app for any case.
  • Plant together: where you can invite a friend and start working together and plant together
  • Count exceeded time: count the time after when you completed the session but didn’t look at your smartphone. This way you can know the exact time you focused.

Another one is the “stopwatch mode”, where you will get only the “deep focus mode”

while you are setting the deep focus mode you can set the “allow list”, where you can allow the app you want to add or exceed.

Person working with focus without any distractions

Starting with deep focus mode:

The deep focus mode can help you to stay focused and avoid any type of distraction from other apps while you are working.

Once the deep focus mode is on, you will be automatically guided back to the forest app to continue your focus on your work, if you leave the app during a planting session or the time is active.

When you click on the deep focus mode to activate you will see the below page, where you can see lots of options to activate.

You have to give the given permissions to activate the deep focused mode like; checking the current status of your mobile phone to track whether you are activating any other app or not, floating window, battery, and notification permissions.

Use forest to help others (tree plantation)

You can plant a tree by growing a virtual plant in a forest app – sounds interesting?

forest app making real forests by collaborating with and they currently planted 11,42,784 trees. (This no. is constantly updating after the screenshot I look at the no. and it increases from 84 to 87)

This is a very interesting project you can contribute to those all by taking their pro plan and planting a real tree.

How to stay focused with the forest app?

The forest app allows you to get rid of your distractions and start staying focused while you are working,


Just select the time you want to work for, start the timer and start working. If you a person who checks their phone frequently then I will suggest you turn on the deeply focused mode, then all apps will be blocked until the session is not completed.

But if you give up between the session then the tree will die and you have to start planting again.

If the deep focus mode is on them if you visit any application then the app will open but you can’t perform any action and a screen will be appeared by saying to return to the forest app.

This way you will be more focused while you are working, and the app will force you to work if you are not procrastinating.

After completing the session, the app will say you to be how many times you want to take a break. This is very effective in a time management strategy, where you manage your time by taking breaks in the work interval and performing well.

forest app screenshot

Forest app Review – Features

some of the features of the forest app are;

  1. You can set the timer from 10 minutes to 2 hours. (and you can expand up to 3 hours from the setting)
  2. Deep focus mode
  3. Track the time after completing the session with the “Count exceeded time feature”.
  4. Invite a friend and start planting together
  5. Look at your achievements and in-depth detailed statistics.
  6. Allow list.


The pricing of the app varies with android and ios. In Android, you can use certain main and necessary features and can access the pro features for 179 rupees (2.41$). In the ios app store, you have to purchase the application first for 1.99$ and then you can access the full applications.

What are the “pro” features of the forest app?

The pro features are useful but it’s not mandatory to take if you are an android user.

  1. Plant real trees
  2. Detailed statistics
  3. Allow list
  4. Cloud forest: back up all data and trees.
  5. More collection of trees
  6. Plant with Friends.
  7. Custom tags to track and filter.
  8. Access Achievements
  9. No Ads

Goods and Bads


  • Its interface is user-friendly.
  • multi-language support
  • detailed statistics
  • Allow list


  • The Android version of the app gets 78MB for the download and gets 300 MB of mobile storage and memory.
  • The app is taking all your information but gives you better service.


Google Play 2015-2016 Best App of the Year

• Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity App

• Google Play 2018 Best Social Impact App Nomination

2018 Google Play Best Self-improvement app in Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand!

Alarm Clock

Alternatives of forest App

I don’t think you have to find the alternatives but if you want the alternative of the forest app you can check the application mentioned below.

For Android:

  • Focusme
  • Freedom
  • Blocksite
  • Your hour

For Ios:

For desktop/laptop:

  • cold turkey
  • Leechblock
  • Freedom
  • Focusme

For Chrome:

  • cold turkey
  • Blocksite
  • stay focused

For Firefox:

  • Freedom
  • block site


Is the forest app free?

The forest app is partly free (Freemium) on Android and on ios you have to pay first then you can access the application.

Is the forest app free on Android?

Certain necessary features are free on Android, but you can pay them for extra features.

Is the forest app a one-time payment?

No, it has monthly and yearly payments of 1.99$ on Android and ios.

How to get the forest app on a laptop?

Forest app is not available for laptops or desktops, but you can use their alternatives like focusme, freedom.

An app like Forest for iPhone?

The best alternatives of the forest app for iPhone users are; freedom, and focusme.

Forest-like app for pc?

forest app is not on desktop or laptop, but you can use their alternatives like; focusme, freedom.


The Forest app is a great tool to explore and definitely make it a try. Those are many features that are impressive to use in this app and make the app more beautiful. They make try to contribute to the world in a great way.

Finding a valuable app is something I love to do and makes you more productive in your life.

Make sure to give a little favor by commenting and dm on Twitter, how these forest app reviews are helpful for you. Make sure to check out the below articles…

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