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Freedom Short Review – Productivity Side

Freedom App short review
Freedom App short review | Created using canva

🤔What is Freedom?

  • Freedom is a Website blocker application that will help you to get rid of your addictive websites. 2,000,000 people use this website to become focused and productive.
  • You can use this website to eliminate your mobile addiction or any specific website or app addiction you want, like social media, shopping or adult websites, or entertainment websites.
  • You can use this application for free or you can use their premium features to get rid of your addictions.


  • Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Linux, Web app, Chrome extension

👪Best For

  • Who always want to eliminate their mobile addiction.
  • Who visit any website or app very often.
  • Who wants to limit their mobile phone usage.



🔑Key features: Short Review

  • Block Websites/apps: You can block websites/apps using freedom
  • Blocklist: You can create a list of websites and apps you want to block.
  • Ambient noise for focus: You can get smooth sound to get you encouraged.
  • Unlimited Sessions & Devices
  • Recurring Scheduled Sessions
  • Advance Scheduling
  • Locked Mode
Freedom website blocker app
Freedom website blocker app