11 Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

Google Calendar is really a powerful tool to manage your life and work. You can manage your time better, and schedule events for yourself, your family, or your team.

Lots of people use it to schedule their work and personal time very effectively and I am also using this to remind my work and manage my work even better.

Some Google calendar tips and tricks help me to organize my life very well and this post will show exact same tips and tricks to manage your work and life better using those tricks like me.

Google Calendar Tips and Tricks

1. Create new events quickly

Creating a new event every time when you need is pretty much time-consuming. Right?

But here is a solution where you can easily able to create new events. Cal. new will open a new event tab.

Just type cal. new on your browser and it will be able to go to the new event page where you can create events for your clients or schedule a meeting with your team member.

Google calendar new event
Google Calendar new event

2. Change the default reminder time

When you schedule something on Google Calendar, the app will notify you 30 minutes (default) before the event. But you can change the default reminder time also.

How to change the default reminder time?

  • Click on setting or just click ‘s’ on your keyboard
  • Go to “settings for my calendar”
  • Then “event notification” and change the time as you want.

3. Modify Events by others

When you add an event with someone and the time does not work well for the person and they call you to change the time.

This is a complete waste of time!

You can grant access to the person to modify the event as suitable for that person.

If you don’t want to grant a person to modify the event, then you just go to the new event page “Guest” option and uncheck the “modify event” option.

How to enable the modify event option?

  • Click on the setting option or type “s”
  • Go to “general” > Event settings > default guest permission to change the settings.

4. Display multiple timezones

When you deal with different timezone clients or your team members.

You can select the different time zones for flexibility and an easy event schedule.

How to display multiple timezones?

  • settings > Time zone > secondary time zone for adding a secondary timezone to your calendar. (This will show on your homepage time bar)
  • Setting > World clock >Show world clock, enable the option, and create multiple timezones as your requirement.

5. Add invisible events

Add invisible events that you only can see.

How to add invisible events?

  • just create a new event
  • click on your name to see more options and click on “busy” to “free”
  • select “default visibility” and select the “private” option.

6. Receive daily agenda in Gmail

Do you want to see everyday events you have scheduled on your Gmail?

Then you can send a daily agenda list right into your Gmail account and you don’t have to open google calendar to see the events repeatedly.

How to receive the daily agenda in Gmail?

  • click on settings > Settings for my calendar
  • Click on the event notification > other events notifications
  • and set “daily agenda” From “None” to “Gmail”

This way you will be able to receive daily notifications of your daily agenda on your Gmail.

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7. Google Calendar advance search

You can search easily on Google Calendar’s advance search and many filters to easily find what you need.

You can do so by clicking the “Search” option placed before the setting. Then click on the little arrow to show the filters.

Google calendar advance search

8. Add add-ons

Add-ons will help you to the extent of the feature a little bit and give extra flexibility to your Google calendar.

To add some add-ons click plus icon on the right sidebar and select the add-ons you want to get.

Add-ons are like Chrome extensions where Chrome extensions give some extra flexibility and features to the browser.

Google Keep, Google Tasks, and Google Maps are already placed on the add-on tab.

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9. Add a to-do list

You can add a to-do list right after from your Google calendar. Just click “Google Task” on the add-ons tab.

And add tasks as you want, this will appear on the Google Tasks application or any Google Applications add-on section whether it’s docs, slides, Google Keep, or Excel.

10. Go to a specific date

If you want to go to a specific date for your calendar? You can do so by typing “G” on your calendar and a pop-up will appear you just have to select the date you want.

Add a specific date in google calendar
Add a specific date to Google calendar

11. Use keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts on your desktop to quickly access your most important things.

You can see Google Calendar shortcuts by going to settings>general>Keyboard shortcuts and then enable. You can see by typing “?” on your keyboard.

Bonus: Use goals on your Google calendar

This is not available on your desktop or web version of Google Calendar. it is available on Android and iOS.

You can use this feature to set goals for yourself and stick with the goal.

How to use the goals feature on Google Calendar?

  • Just go to your Google calendar, click on the plus icon, and select the “goal” option.
  • After that choose a goal you want.
    • Exercise
    • Learn a skill
    • Family and friends
    • Me time (Reading books, meditating, etc.)
    • Organize my life
  • Select one of those you want and customize it.

Final thoughts

Google Calendar is a great tool to manage your time for your work, business, family, or personal time.

Many people use it to manage their life and many don’t know about it, like your friends–so tell them by sharing the article with them. Tell me how these Google Calendar 📆 tips and tricks are. And recommend any trick to add to this list.

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