Google Calendar Vs Notion calendar: Which one you should use?

Calendars are really helpful for overviewing your weekly schedule, tracking the work you put and to keep updated. I have been using calendars to schedule and I know how important and useful calendars are and especially good ones.

In the article, I am comparing two of the best calendars Google Calendar and Notion Calendar. Notion Calendar is a new calendar app with a beautiful look and advanced features.

Google Calendar Vs Notion Calendar: Overview

Google Calendar and Notion Calendar both are great apps but I use both to keep myself updated. How? I use Google Calendar on my mobile phone and Notion Calendar on my laptop, it is both synced together so that whenever I create a task on any of the apps it will sync with both of the apps.

Since Notion also integrate with Notion Calendar, will automatically sync the databases and pages to easily access my all work inside the calendar.

That’s why I don’t have the hustle to check my phone while working on my laptop. I can actually use Google Calendar on my browser but I don’t have any issue with the Notion calendar.

Google Calendar Vs Notion Calendar: Look and features

Cron calendar
Notion Calendar

Talking about look of the both apps, you see Google Calendar is simple yet sometimes complicated to use while searching for different apps. I like the look of the Google calendar but I more like the Notion calendar’s look.

The whitish background and the event color are very attractive.

Google calendar add events interface
Google Calendar

Talking about the features of both calendars, they have all the basic features like creating an event, deleting an event, timezone, visibility, reminder, and repeat.

but Notion Calendar has a feature “command menu” where you can easily navigate to any feature.

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Google Calendar Vs Notion Calendar: Availablity

Google Calendar is placed by default on Android mobiles so it made a significant impact on Android mobiles and you don’t have to download another app if you are a beginner or trying to schedule your work.

Notion Calendar is also found on AppStore and Playstore but it makes a friction to download or retain the app. In case you are the relatively another calendar application ready for you.

However, the user’s point of view makes significant changes if you are a professional and you want to use an aesthetic calendar.

Adding New Events

Let’s explore a very important feature of any calendar is “creating an event”.

Google Calendar: You just drag the timeline and it will appear as a dialog box and you can write and see other options with the opening on a new screen.

Google calendar creating new events
Google Calendar creating new events

Notion calendar: Just drag the timeline and type.

That’s it if you want other options it is present on the right sidebar and its move friction saves lots of hectic time.

Cron calendar add new event
Notion calendar creating a new event

Additional Features

Notion calendar adding event
Notion calendar

Notion Calendar can integrate with Notion and you can fetch all your work from Notion to Notion calendar. You can link your Notion databases inside the Notion Calendar and you can see the scheduled entries inside the calendar app.

When you view more than 8 days or even more it actually gets the grid view but Notion Calendar creates verticle lines that are better when you want to see the odd no. of days at a single view like 11 days or 13 days. See Google Calendar tips and tricks

I have said it better but Notion Calendar has a feature called “command menu”, where you can find lots of features that are available on the Notion Calendar. You can also see the Notion calendar tips and tricks.

I am disappointed with one functionality, when you open your laptop the app opens automatically. it makes me annoyed and sometimes angry to see an app opening for no use at this point.

In another I will agree that Notion Calendar is quick in comparison to Google Calendar, it is so easy to create events and you don’t have to leave the page or do any step you just drag and type.

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Notion Calendar and Google Calendar are free to use and you can find them on Web, Android, Mac, Windows, and iPhone.

Google Calendar is best for?

So Google Calendar is best for everyone. Starting From casual scheduler to beginner to professional.

It may take some time to do things but all the needs can be fulfilled with Google Calendar.

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Notion calendar is best for?

Notion calendar is best for serious schedulers and professionals. You can be a beginner or a Pro, you can easily use Notion Calendar. If you are using Notion then you can use Notion Calendar to access your databases and Notion pages inside the calendar.

You can use it as mine, I use Notion Calendar on my laptop because I don’t want to visit a browser to check and this will automatically sync with the Google calendar of my mobile phone, and it’s cool that I use both.

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What Makes Notion Calendar Unique and Better?

Notion Calendar is unique with its minimalist and beautiful design. It automatically syncs with Google Calendar and with one click you will able to add events on the side where you have to open another window. It has other features like the availability of both users where you can schedule meetings and that makes it better and unique.

What Makes Notion Calendar Different from Google Calendar?

When you create an event in the Notion calendar you will open it on side view. Notion Calendar automatically syncs with Google Calendar and you will able to see everything you have done in Google Calendar.

Why Notion calendar is so good?

Notion Calendar makes it easy to create events, easy to add multiple timezones, and share availability with another user, and a lot of features that make Notion Calendar so good.

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