Google keep vs Flomo Notes: Which one is the best note-taking app?

Google keep and Flomo is one of the most useful note-taking applications that you can use to take notes whenever you want to take them. Ideas are like bubbles, it comes and goes if you can hold them correctly and use them for your own good, it will be beneficial for you.

Many great artists used to take a note and pen where they go with. With technology, you can find leverage to store a note and find it quickly.

Note-taking application is impressive in that it saves you lots of time thinking about a specific thing you forget. You can just write the note and when you require you just have to look at your note-taking application.

note-taking application is useful and you can use it for;

  • Taking random thoughts into your brain
  • Create todo list
  • Create your notes for a specific topic

and a lot more things.

Let’s look at the comparison of Google keep vs Flomo and see what’s better for you and what’s not by comparing their features, accessibility, and speed.

Image: Flomo
SpecsGoogle KeepFlomo Notes
PriceFreeFree with Pro
Easy to useYesYes
voice notesYesNo
File sharingYes but Only the imageYes
StorageUnlimited500Mb/10G (Pro)
Sync with OthersNoYes

📱Google Keep Vs Flomo Notes: Features

Google Keep

Both are easy-to-use platforms and with just one click you can go to the notes, nothing fancy.

Google Keep is free to use and Flomo has a free and pro plan with limitations of storage from 500MB to 10GB. The Pro plan gives extra functionality like WeChat voice input, daily review, backlinks, tag icons, and API.

As I said both have file-sharing options but you can only send images.

You can categorize on both platforms using labels for google keep and Tags for Flomo. Flomo gives an extra feature of subcategory, which may useful for you.

In Flomo you can export all data to notion and as HTML also.

Flomo has an API that allows you to connect with different apps like kindle, telegram bot, ios shortcut, Raycast, Alfred, Popclip, margin notes, and drafts.

But google keep only syncing with their google system but not with other application and google keep has no API.

Both have their web clipper where you can gather information using the browser. Talking about voice notes, google keep has voice notes but it is not good if you take a long pause then it will automatically save the notes, and if you want to say anything else you have to create another note.

Flomo has no voice input but has a feature of WeChat voice input, it is useless outside china because nobody uses it outside China.

flomo notes pricing
Flomo app pricing

🌐Google keep and Flomo: Accessibility


In terms of availability, Google Keep is available as an android app, Ios app, web, and web extension and it came preinstalled with the Google ecosystem.

Google keep mobile app gives you a seamless experience, with easy use and a minimalist look. But google keeps failing at the formatting part but you can make checkboxes only.

Flomo is also available as an Android, ios, and web application. Flomo has a web clipper also like google keep web clipper where you can extract information from the internet easily.

Flomo does an incredible job at organizing notes and it has a heatmap where you can see how many notes you take in a specific date. Flomo also has minimal formatting like blood and bullet list.

🏃‍♂️Google keep vs Flomo: Speed

Google Keep

Speed matters in terms of taking notes. When you are taking notes you are writing what you are thinking at that time.

Many times you just forget when you get distracted by anything. when you open the application which one is fast loading is better for you?

Here both open at the nearly same time on my mobile phone. With this comparison, we can take both apps into consideration.

flomo notetaking app
Flomo app

🤔Which one is best for you?

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Clearly here Flomo is the best for note-taking for pro-note-takers who will use this app as a primary note-taking application. It has all the necessary functionality that you can use to take notes easily.

If you have already a note-taking system and you are using it to get your thoughts out of your mind then you can use google keep to capture your thoughts easily.

Both apps are very useful in their own use and you have to use them correctly. Hope you like the comparison if you have any questions about the article then make sure to comment below. 📩

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