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Google Tasks Short Review – Productivity Side

Google Tasks short review
Google Tasks

🤔What is Google Tasks?

  • Google Tasks is a Todo list application that will help you to get your things done by creating your list of things you want to do. Google Tasks is simple but effective because its works with the google ecosystem very well.
  • You can add tasks in Gmail, sheets, and Slides and it syncs with the Google applications.
  • You can use the Taskboard app to access your tasks in the web app.


  • Android, iOS, and add-ons on different google workspace apps


  • Free

👪Best For

  • Google/Android Ecosystem users and Beginners


🔑Key features: Short Review

  • Create Subtasks
  • Create and view tasks from Gmail, sheets, Slides, and Sheets
  • Create and view From Google calendar
  • Access across google workspace
Google Tasks infographics
Google Tasks