Grammarly: A Must-Use App Everyone Should Use

Everyone makes mistakes while writing whether it’s online or offline.

But Online it’s bad.

You always have to think, double-check your grammatical mistakes.

And you know that’s a hectic strategy.

If you don’t wanna make a bad impression then you should use a Grammar correction tool to correct your grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly does this, it recognizes your mistakes and warns you when you write somewhere.

It’s a lifesaver.😨

Let’s look at this awesome grammar checker tool that everyone should have, especially online wizards.

💌Grammarly Overview

Grammarly Homepage screenshot
Credits: Grammarly

With over 30 million users, Grammarly is a grammar correction tool to have in the online world.

Its features allow you to address grammatical errors like spelling mistakes, punctuation, commas, fluency, style, toon, and many more.

Grammarly frees you from the hassle you have to make to make an impression.

✍️Why do you need a Grammar Checker?

It has a couple of reasons to have a Grammar Checker.

  1. If you value your online presence.
  2. If you don’t wanna ruin it because of your words.
  3. If you wanna improve your writing by addressing grammatical mistakes.

While writing online or taking notes, we make very simple mistakes sometimes.

And you don’t realize those at that time. But when you look at that it feels like you made lots of mistakes.

Avoid those mistakes using Grammarly.

😋How to Use Grammarly

There are multiple ways you can use grammar from your mobile, desktop, browser, and other devices.

Grammarly is available on Windows, Mac, Browser extensions (Chrome, safari, edge), MS Office, Google Docs, iPhone, iPad, and Grammar Keyboard.

Let’s look at some of these and understand how you can use Grammarly.

🌏Grammarly Web Tool

Grammarly has a web tool that you can access from your browser.

You just have to sign up for Grammarly and you will be redirected to the Grammarly web app.

Grammarly web editor
Credits: Grammarly

There you will find the text tab—to enter your texts, the suggestion section—to see the suggestions relating to your words, and then the assistant section—where you will find overscore and other metrics.

💻Desktop App

Grammarly for desktop
Credits: Grammarly

You can also have the Grammarly application for your desktop and it’s compatible with Mac and windows.

The app will work with all the major applications you have on your desktop like Gmail. outlook, slack, notion, LinkedIn, discord, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Grammarly Intergrations
Credits: Grammarly

😍Chrome browser Extension

Grammarly also has a Chrome extension and most people use the Chrome extension on their browser.

Grammarly Chrome browser extension setup:

1- Go to the Chrome web store

2- Search for Grammarly and click “Install”

3- After installing you will have signup and you are ready to go.

📱On Your Mobile

Grammarly is also presented as a mobile application and more specifically a grammar keyboard. You can install it on the Play Store, or AppStore and you have to select the keyboard to Grammarly keyboard while setting it up and you are ready to go.

Grammarly mobile application
Credits: Playstore

🤑How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Credits: Grammarly

So how much does the Grammarly application cost?

Grammarly has three tiers, Free, Premium, and Business.

Free: Basic Grammar detection and suggestions.

Premium: $12 per month for other features like tone, clarity, and vocabulary.

Business: $15 per member per month with features for your teams and organization.

grammarly pricing and features
Credits: Grammarly

Grammarly for Education also has a plan from which educators and students can benefit.

grammarly for education and students screenshot
Credits: Grammarly

🆓Grammarly Free Plan Features

Grammarly free plan features are good for beginners who haven’t money to invest in it.

The feature consists;

  • Grammar checking
  • spelling check
  • Punctuation errors
  • Remove unnecessary words
  • Tone detection

and other features.

🤪Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium also has the same feature as the free plan but it also has some extra features like;

  • Rewrite full sentence
  • Use different work choices
  • Tone suggestion
  • Citation
  • Formatting
  • Plagiarism detection

and other features.

🧑‍💼Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business plan consists of all the features of premium and other security and team features that will make your team efficient work.

The business plan feature consists;

  • Account role and permissions
  • Authenticate Logins
  • Style Guide
  • Snippets (templates of pre-written and reusable words)
  • Analytics dashboard

😨Is Grammarly safe and secure?

You may have this question like mine while I am exploring the app. Is Grammarly safe and secure? Yes, They are using standard encryption to store all your data on your account and nobody has access to it.

We use industry-standard encryption to protect all user data in transit and at rest. Whether you’re receiving suggestions through a desktop application or browser extension, or you’re saving documents in your Grammarly Editor, all your data is encrypted and safeguarded. – Grammarly

It also has two-factor authentication and Third-party auditors review its security practices to help them achieve trusted industry standards.

☹️Grammarly Drawbacks

Grammarly is not perfect at all but I think it will improve;

  • Distraction while writing: While you are writing any email, blog, or letter it’s hard to concentrate when you make a mistake and the red underline appears. So I like to work on turning off the extension and then while I am editing I then turn it on to edit.
  • Grammarly only works in English: Only 17% of people on earth speak the English language. Grammarly only works in English and that’s sad.
  • It does not work everything: The app allows certain apps that work and it covers most of the major apps.
  • Not get Desired meaning: It’s better not to rely on an application and check your writing while posting.

😋My Answer: Is Grammarly Worth the Price?

So is Grammarly worth the price? Absolutely yes! If you can’t afford to use the free plan, you will get extra control over your words. If you are serious about your words and the use cases then definitely buy a premium plan.

It’s my opinion and let me know your thoughts on this app.🤔

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