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How to get up early?- 10 Actionable methods

It’s hard to get up early, Right?

Most people want to wake up early in the morning and start doing the most important task to finish up their work, But always struggle to wake up.

Whether it’s not getting enough sleep or putting in lots of reminders or snoozing multiple times. Struggle to get up early in the morning.

In this post, we will set you to get up early in the morning as most successful people do daily.

10 Lessons To get up early in the morning

1. Shape your Mindset

Shape yourself with the mindset of why you want to get up early? Most people fail at waking up early in the morning.

You are being told, you should wake up early. But you can’t able to wake up and don’t have the definite purpose of getting up early.

Even you are able to get up earlier than you just think about what to do after waking up and then go to bed regretting things and sleep— this cycle repeats and you cant able wake up.

2. Prepare your day in night

Prepare the night before your wake up early and this way you will be able to figure out,

  • why did you want to wake up?
  • the purpose of getting early

You should analyze your next day and imagine the work you have to do and make a to-do list of things that you are going to do the next day.

After analyzing the next day you should specifically write about the work you have to do after you wake up early.

  • it should be most important work
  • Descriptive
  • helpful for your future

This will help you to wake up earlier.

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3. Get regular exercise

Exercising daily or several times a week can help you to get better sleep and improve your sleeping experience.

Exercise is proven to improve sleep and conditions that can cause insomnia and excessive sleepiness, anxiety, and depression.

It also increases energy level and makes you feel more energized during your work, according to research found.

4. Get enough sleep

When you sleep better you will be able to get enough amount of sleep and when you wake up you will don’t feel sleepy.

You should sleep 8-9 hours of good sleep that way you will get enough sleep for yourself.

You can calculate the sleeping time and waking time with this website also.

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5. Get help from apps

If you are not able to get enough sleep or you are not getting enough sleep you should get help from an application and that will help you to get sleep enough quality sleep.

  1. Headspace
  2. Noisli
  3. calm

Those are the applications that mind help you to get enough sleep. After getting sleep the alarm apps come out to play.

Every smartphone has a feature of alarm, but that is not much effective, and when you get out when it rings you will snooze this, and then you will sleep again.

You need to have an application that will force you to get up quickly unless you will listen to buzzy, high-frequency sounds.

Alarmy will help you to get out of that zone and you have to do some math or scan a barcode or walk some distance to turn off this.

And you can also use other applications like,

  1. Rise Alarm Clock
  2. Alarmy
  3. Timely
  4. Sleep Cycle

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6. Put an alarm in a distance

put an alarm in a distance and get up early

After sleeping when you set your alarm to keep in a distance where you have to walk to snooze or stop the alarm, this way you will wake up and you have to make your mind to not go sleep and start doing your work.

Pro tip: Drink lots of water when you are going to sleep, after your complete body wakes up, you just need to pee and you just awake. (Not recommended but try and test for yourself, it might help you to wake up early) — I was told by my teacher to wake up at exam time.

7. Gain knowledge about sleep

Gain enough knowledge about a topic to know every part of the box and improving knowledge about sleep, getting up easily, and using the morning time-wise can help yourself to get a better understanding and awareness about sleep.

Those are many resources you can learn from,

  1. The Huberman lab podcast is a good place to know about sleep, chemical reactions and their effect on our body, and everything about sleep. The earlier episodes go deep into sleep.
  2. The 5 am club book: You can know how successful people are using their morning time and why most successful people are getting earlier in the morning.
  3. In the miracle morning book, you should read that to know the concept of waking up early morning.

8. Define the purpose of getting early

When you wake up early in the morning you should set priorities and do the things that matter and help you to achieve any goal.

You should do some work and that work will motivate you to wake up early in the morning. Pick an interesting purpose of your waking up that way you will be self-motivated to wake up like,

  • You should work on an interesting project
  • Shape up your body
  • Pick an interesting book and start reading
  • Do the most important things of your day early

9. Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks

Avoid unhealthy food or drinks as much as you can this can affect your sleep cycle and swing your moods also.

Avoid heavy meals during the night and eat as little you can, heavy meals can make you awake for indigestion and heartburn. To avoid all these experts suggests should eat 3 hours before you sleep.

10. Avoid smartphone

The most important thing is you should not touch at least 30 minutes or 1 hr before you are going to sleep. Your smartphone or any screen that emits blue light that will reduce the amount of sleep and when you wake up you will feel sleepy and lousy.

Researchers found that when you look at your smartphone it releases a blue light that suppresses the amount of a hormone called melatonin and that helps the body to get sleep.


It’s okay to not be able to get up early in the morning, every person has 24 hr in a day and how you utilize those 24hr is matters the most. Like most successful people wake up early and most of the people are also not able to wake up. It’s time that matters and counts. You may not able to get up on the first day keep trying and make it a habit to wake up. Make sure to share your story about getting up early in the morning and how this helps you. Thank you