How to Save and Share ChatGPT Conversations

ChatGPT is a perfect tool to get answers of any kind. You can ask any question and get answers from them.

Type your code, explain multiple hard-to-understand topics, or give small tasks to do, ChatGPT is able to be more productive after its lunch.

In this article, we will see how you can save and share chatGPT conversations for later use or share your chat conversations with anyone.

How to Share Conversation in ChatGPT

You will be able to save and share conversations inside the ChatGPT app. You can screenshot or copy the text from it, but these methods are time-consuming and not productive.

You can also export all your ChatGPT conversations from your account.

Here is a method where you will able to collaborate or share your chat conversations with someone else without violating your privacy.

Step-1: Go to your account and you will find a history tab, then you can see the edit, share, and delete icons. Click on the share button. (You can also change the auto-generated title of the conversation with the edit button)

Share conversation on chatGPT

Step-2: Click on the “Share” button, and a box will open where you can change the file name, share your name, or share anonymously. Just click on “Copy Link“ to create a link.

Copy link in shared conversation on chatgpt

Change File Name: To change the file you can click on the edit button on the side of the file name. Like in this image, the file name is “Tourist attractions in Paris”.

Share your name: If you want to share your name then you can click on “Share your name”.

You can see this is how it will look after you paste the link on the browser.

Share chats in chatgpt

The other person you share can also start a conversation by clicking “Continue the conversation”.

How to Delete the Shared Conversation on ChatGPT

There are two methods where you can delete the link.

  1. By deleting the whole chat conversation you will able to delete the link and it show a 404 error.
delete chat in chatgpt
  1. If you don’t want to delete the chat, then you can only delete the link you have shared previously.
    1. Click on the share button like you previously did
    2. This time you will able to see the link of shared chat and the delete link option, just click on the delete link option and then click on “OK”.
delete links in chatgpt

One drawback of this feature is you have to keep the chat to be able to share with others.

To share even after deletion you have to use a Chrome extension you will be able to the tutorial below on the ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

How to Save ChatGPT conversation using Chrome extensions

To save and share ChatGPT conversations you can use the ChatGPT Chrome extension. Here are some of the Chrome extensions that can help you to save chat files.

1. Save ChatGPT (Save Chat Conversations)

To save chatGPT chat conversation you can follow this tutorial.

Step-1: Install a Chrome extension called “Save ChatGPT

Save ChatGPT chrome extensions

Step-2: Go to ChatGPT and one a chat you want to save then click on Chrome extension from the extensions.

Save ChatGPT extension demo

Step-3: You will able to see the option to save ChatGPT conversations in different formats like txt, pdf, md, and copy option.

Different format to save chatgpt chats

2. ShareGPT (Share Chat Conversations)

Using the ShareGPT Chrome extension you will able to create permanent links for ChatGPT conversations.

ShareGPT chrome extensions

Even if you delete the chat conversation from ChatGPT you will able to access the conversation in your ShareGPT account.

You will also be able to share the conversation will a unique link.

Here is a tutorial to see how this Chrome extension works.

Now you are able to share and save chatGPT conversations using chatGPT. You can use ChatGPT in WhatsApp and Telegram also. Check out the tutorials to know more about it.


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