How to Use ChatGPT on Telegram

Chatgpt is one of the popular apps that can be a change changer for a lot of people. A lot of people use this AI tool to get information, find solutions, and gain knowledge.

It an incredible to do lots of things like planning your work, asking anything that you don’t know and explaining it to you in simple terms, giving your code for anything, correcting your code, and writing essays and articles—ChatGPT can be useful for lots of things.

Lots of people want to use it on different devices like ChatGPT on WhatsApp or Telegram. In this article, we will see how you can use ChatGPT on your Telegram app.

Best Ways to Use ChatGPT on Telegram

1. BuddyGPT

BuddyGPT is a ChatGPT bot that can be useful to access ChatGPT on your telegram app and it is also available for WhatsApp app to use.

BuddyGPT uses OpenAI’s Davinci-trained model to answer your questions. It was trained on the information available until 2021. You can’t get current information on this model.

It also generates images and its free plan allows you to generate 3 images per month and 25 texts.

Its paid plans include an unlimited text plan for 5.99 euros per month and an image-based plan with 50 photos for 7.99 euros per month.

Simply visit their website and click the WhatsApp icon to grant the bot access to your WhatsApp account.

Use BuddyGPT

2. Roger da Vinci

Roger da Vinci is another ChatGPT bot service that can be used to get access to ChatGPT. It uses GPT-3 model and can do lots of things. It’s free to use.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram

Step-1: Go to the official website, and tap on the “Use with telegram” button to start.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram. How to Use ChatGPT on Telegram

Step 2: Then the bot will auto-send “/send” and you will get the disclaimer and signup link to get access.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram

Step 3: Click on the link and it will redirect to Roger’s website to create an account. Select the country, state, and telegram ID as it will auto-fetch.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram

Step-4: Once done, you will able to get access to ChatGPT on telegram.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram

Step 5: After that you can ask anything and the telegram bot will give you the answer.

How to use Roger da Vinci on Telegram

3. ChatGPT Bot

ChatGPT can be used in another method with ChatGPT. As a software developer, Gregori Piñeres created a telegram chatbot based on GPT-3. It also can be used in lots of things and you can generate and use it like ChatGPT.

How to use ChatGPT Bot on Telegram

Step-1: Go to your telegram with this link. Then click on the “Open” button.

ChatGPT Bot on telegram

Step 2: Click on “Start” to start using it.

ChatGPT Bot on telegram

Step 3: Now you can use this ChatGPT bot on Telegram. But you only have 30 free messages every day and the premium plan starts from $5 per month for 100 messages per day.

ChatGPT Bot on telegram

All Images are from the Beebom Website.

Use ChatGPT on Telegram

Now you will able to use the ChatGPT AI tool in your telegram app. You can use it on your mobile phone, Apple Watch, WhatsApp, or on iPhone. You can use ChatGPT alternatives that are also good to use.


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