5 Morgen Calendar Alternative you can use

Morgen Calendar is one of the best calendar apps but if you want an alternative for it. You came to the right place.

If you are looking for a calendar app available for all devices then you should use morgen calendar. It’s available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and Linux.

For any reason, if you want to use other calendar apps then let’s find some good calendar app options for you.

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry! Here are the best calendar alternatives to Morgen to choose for yourself.

  1. Fantastical: Best iOS calendar alternative to the Morgen app.
  2. Cron: Another best option for an alternative to Morgen.
  3. Google Calendar: Best free option you can use.
  4. Any do: Best task management with a calendar option for a Morgen alternative.
  5. Apple Calendar: Best free iOS calendar app alternative to the Morgen app.
  6. Amie: Best alternative to Morgen for Gen-Z users.

So let’s deep dive into these calendar apps that in my opinion might be the best alternatives to Morgen.



Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps and can be a better option than Morgen. It is a popular calendar that you can use to organize your work and life.

It has lots of features like widgets, events, and task templates, calendar filters based on location and time, easy event creation, and templates for events and tasks.

But the sad part is —it’s only available for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple watches.

If you want an iOS calendar app then it’s a good option for you.

Fantastical Key Features

To learn more about the calendar software, take a look at some of Fantastical’s important features.

  • Swift event entry using input from natural language.
  • Support for iOS and Mac users across platforms.
  • Effective scheduling tools.
  • Easy access to relevant documents or images.
  • A solid day-tracking perspective for better planning.
  • Event and task templates for enhanced convenience.
  • Todoist-compatible task creation within the app.
  • Location- and time-based calendar filters.

Fantastical Pricing

Fantastical Pricing

To learn more about your needs, see the Fantastical Calendar pricing structure below.

  • Monthly fee for Individual Plan: $4.75
  • Team Plan: $4.75 per user per month
  • Family Plan (up to 5 members): $7.50 per month


A good alternative for the Morgen Calendar is Cron. On a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, Cron can be used.

It contains a variety of tools that will help you efficiently manage your workload.

Simple event generation, different timezones, color-coded labeling, and many other features are among the features of the cron app. In general, Cron can work well as an alternative for the Morgen Calendar.

You can learn more about cron review and tips and tricks of cron to better use and understand the usage of the calendar app.

Cron Key Features

The Cron calendar’s main characteristics are listed below.

  • You can alter how many days are shown on your screen.
  • Appreciate support for many time zones.
  • Utilise color-coded labels to organize your events.
  • Pick from day, week, or month views.
  • Simple management of free/busy status and event visibility.
  • Drag and drop ICS files with ease.
  • Switch between time zones with ease.
  • Simple creation and modification of recurring events.

Cron Pricing

The free Cron Calendar app works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone gadgets. It also provides a web-based version that may be easily used in your web browser.

Google Calendar

Google calendar new event

Morgen can be replaced with Google Calendar, a well-liked and effective free calendar app.

You can use its multiple helpful but hidden features to efficiently manage your workload. If you are a newbie or don’t totally rely on a calendar system to handle your work, Google Calendar is better.

If you are not interested in integrating with other relevant apps, it is ideal for easy usage. To speed up your job, check out the Google Calendar tips and tricks.

Google Calendar Key Features

  • Additional device syncing between platforms
  • Create goals
  • The calendar integration for Gmail – Support for Google Tasks
  • Share and cooperate with others.
  • To manage different business and personal tasks, separate calendars can be used.

Google Calendar Pricing

Google Calendar is a part of the Google Workspace package and is available for free use for a monthly fee of $6 per user.

Any do

Any do calendar

Any do is a task management software that comes with a calendar in-build to manage your work. It can be a good option for the Morgen.

If you want to manage all your work with a single app then you can use the task management and calendar app combo to manage and organize your all work effectively.

It also has a free option so you can try using the app. Overall it is a good alternative to a Morgen calendar.

Any do Key Features

The following are some of the main attributes of any product that can tempt you to utilize the calendar app.

  • A task management and calendar app that is combined.
  • Combines any calendar you have into a single interface.
  • Has quick-access widgets on the home screen.
  • provides scheduling and reminder features.

Any do Pricing

The Any Do app’s cost is listed below.

  • Personal Plan: Cost-free
  • Monthly fee for Premium Plan: $3
  • Monthly fee for Team Plan: $5

Apple Calendar

apple calendar

Similar to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar is likewise free, an excellent choice for beginners, and the [best free alternative for iOS users].

You can easily manage and organize your work with its simple UI and Apple ecosystem integration.

As a free alternative to the Morgen app, you can try to use it.

Apple Calendar Key Features

Here are a few of the Apple calendar’s main features.

  • Calendar event handling is more efficient.
  • Assistance in controlling several calendars.
  • Siri is seamlessly integrated with voice commands.
  • Makes it easier for people to schedule and share tasks with one another.

Apple Calendar Pricing

On Apple products including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, the Apple Calendar is available without charge and is already pre-installed.


amie calendar

Another excellent alternative for Morgen is Amie. It is a beautiful and modern calendar software that Gen-Z will like.

It is simple to add events and tasks to the calendar software, which also includes a task manager.

All of your tasks can be created and managed inside the calendar app, and you can drag them there to manage them as events on the calendar.

It is a decent alternative for Morgen that you can try without cost.

Amie Key Features

Here are a few distinguishing qualities of the Amie calendar that will help you learn more about it.

  • A to-do list and a calendar application.
  • Use color codes to personalize the events on your calendar.
  • For team tracking, seamlessly link with Spotify.
  • Simple sharing of scheduling URLs.
  • Improve team coordination by keeping a specific team calendar.
  • Appreciate support for many time zones.

Amie Pricing

To learn more about your needs, see Amie Calendar’s pricing structure below.

  • Personal Plan: Free, allowing one year of privacy, up to 20 monthly sharing links, and appropriate for private calendar use.
  • Professional Plan: $10 per user each month, including unlimited share links, a team calendar, and ultimate history.

Wrapping Up…

That’s it, these are the best calendar alternatives for the Morgen calendar. You can use a calendar from these apps and get benefits from it.

Here is the summary of the Morgen calendar alternatives that I have mentioned in the short words.

  1. Fantastical: Best iOS calendar alternative to the Morgen app.
  2. Cron: Another best option for an alternative to Morgen.
  3. Google Calendar: Best free option you can use.
  4. Any do: Best task management with a calendar option for a Morgen alternative.
  5. Apple Calendar: Best free iOS calendar app alternative to the Morgen app.
  6. Amie: Best alternative to Morgen for Gen-Z users.

Let me know what you think about it, which Morgen calendar alternative works best for you, and how it affects your productivity and quality of life.

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