Morgen Calendar review: In the pursuit of a good calendar!

Morgen Calendar is one of the best calendar apps out there, you can use it to manage and organize your everyday tasks.

In the digital world, you need to have a calendar app to streamline your work and manage your work effectively. Many people fail to manage and organize their work so they do whatever comes to their mind.

But a digital calendar app and working system can make your work organized to take a small amount of time and provide the maximum outcome.

Morgen calendar makes it easy to manage your work with its features, integrated task management system, and interface.

Let’s look at the Morgen calendar app to understand it whether is good or bad for you.

What is Morgen?

Morgen calendar

Morgen is a calendar and scheduling application that is designed to streamline your daily tasks, events, meetings, and appointments. With a focus on the simple interface, you will able to manage all your work with this calendar app.

Morgen calendar is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Using this calendar app you will able to manage all your work from different devices.

It syncs and manages all your calendars in one place so you can work without any worry of leaving anything back.

Using the Morgen calendar you will able to schedule all your to-dos with its integrated to-do list. You just have to drag and drop the to-dos inside your calendar app and it will be an event.

Morgen Pricing:

Mogen calendar offers different pricing ranges for different groups of people so you can use it with your requirements.

Morgen offers a basic plan for free of cost. It includes access to Morgen on all your devices, 1 calendar account, unlimited calendar subscriptions, virtual conference integration like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex, a personal booking page, and many more features.

Morgen Calendar Plus plan costs $4 USD per month with unlimited calendar accounts, task manager integration like Todoist, Microsoft Todo, Google tasks, MS Outlook, task integration with Zapier, and many more features.

Morgen Calendar pricing

Morgen also offers a pro plan for professional use at a cost of $9 USD per month and it includes everything in the plus plan, unlimited scheduling links, a personal branded booking page, static IP for Azure, and many more.

Students and non-profits can claim a 25% discount on the Plus and Pro plan and If you want more for your team then Morgen Pro for teams is also available. Contact their support to know the pricing.

Here is Morgen calendar pricing in short.

  • Basic Plan – Free
  • Plus Plan – $4 USD per month
  • Pro Plan – $9 USD per month

Morgen Key Features:

Morgen calendar offers a wide range of features to manage your work and get your work done in less time. Let’s see the feature Morgen calendar offers.

Unified Calendar:

Morgen lets you integrate with all your calendars. You will able to see all your calendars managed into one place with a view of your time. You will able to manage, schedule, and plan based on your priority.

Morgen also integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex accounts to attend your meeting easily. You can add your virtual meeting details to any invite in one click and then you can join a virtual meeting using Morgen’s join now button, one click and you can inside the meeting.

Morgen Calendar multiple calendar integration

Morgen also offers different types of views in the calendar to see weekly and daily views. You can also search in your calendar to easily find events and scheduled tasks from the past or future.

Easy Scheduling:

With Morgen calendar, you will able to schedule meetings easily. Morgen integrates a powerful scheduling tool in your calendar to eliminate back-and-forth emails and check real-time availability.

Arrange meetings according to your schedule and preferences. Whether you’re using Morgen Scheduling Links, Open Invites, or your customized Booking Page, you can choose suitable meeting times based on your availability.

Morgen instantly suggests available time slots, your invitee picks a convenient time, and the meeting is confirmed, saving everyone time.

You also can have your own booking page to enter and book time with you. You can easily share this page with others to find available time according to both times.

Task Management:

Morgen calendar provides a task management feature to easily manage your to-dos. Morgen brings your all tasks into the calendar app so that you can easily schedule your time to get your work done.

Morgen Calendar’s task manager integrates with your favorite to-do apps including Todoist, and Google tasks to make it easy to track, prioritize, schedule, and complete your all to-dos on time.

You can just drag and drop tasks into your calendar app to block dedicated time for your tasks and with the help of time blocking you will able to maintain focus and finish your work.

Morgen calendar integrated task management

You can create multiple task lists to manage all your different projects and priorities by color-coding them to quickly identify tasks in your calendar. You can also sort by importance and urgency to make sure you are always on top of the most important things to do.

Morgen also provides other task management systems, here are some of them.

  • Set recurring tasks.
  • create multiple time blocks for a single task.
  • Differentiate tasks and events easily.
  • Real-time sync

Alternative to Morgen:

There are some good Morgen calendar alternatives you can use. Here are some of them in short sentences.

  1. Fantastical: It is the best calendar for iOS users you can use and it’s not available for Android or Windows devices. But it works seamlessly on different Apple devices.
  2. Notion Calendar: It is also one of the best calendars that can be used for free and it is available on Android, iOS, and Web.
  3. Google Calendar: It is the best free option you can find and you can use it for both iOS and Android.
  4. Any do: It is a combination of task management and calendar app and it’s best for managing your work.
  5. Apple Calendar: It is a free calendar app that you can use on Apple devices.
  6. Amie: It is a good calendar app that can be the best option to try for free.

Who is Morgen Calendar for?

Not all calendar apps are the same and they often target different users. Morgen calendar can be used by individuals for free, professionals, and teams to get focused on their work.

Students and teachers also can you this app. This is up to you whether you want to use this app or not. You can find the best calendar app for you according to your requirement, need, and budget.

Wrapping Up…

That’s it, this is the Morgen calendar review. Its features, a task management tool, a scheduling feature, and many more. We also covered the pricing of it to determine which plan would be best for your use.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or business owner, the Morgen calendar can be a good option to use to manage and organize all your work.

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