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Noisli Short Review – Productivity Side


🤔What is Noisli?

  • Noisli is trying to get you focused and more productive with their soothing sound.
  • You can use this playlist to get relaxed and get a whole new experience of rain, birds chirping and mindblowing, etc.
  • The background noises will get you the experience of you are chilling and working at the same time.




  • iOS, Android, Chrome extension,


  • Free, Pro ($10/month), Business ($24/m) See here

👪Best For

  • Who enjoy music while working
  • Who wants to get focused


🔑Key features: Short Review

  • Noisli has a distraction-free text editor. The experience is bad for you.
  • Different Playlist
  • Oscillation mode. it will balance your volume
  • Timer