Notion Calendar Review: a Better Alternative for google calendar?

More than 500 million people are using Google Calendar on a daily basis. That’s a lot of users, Right? Google Calendar is a great tool to schedule tasks, meetings, and all of the things you do in your life.

Calendars are really helping to manage time rightfully, most successful people use their calendars to schedule all of the things that are happening whether it’s meetings, tasks, or occasions.

Here is a better calendar app that gives you extra features with easy to use interface, Notion Calendar.

Notion Calendar is a potential calendar app that you can explore to use for your efficiency and productivity.

Notion calender: what is Notion Calendar?

Notion calendar interface

Notion Calendar (Formerly, Cron) is a modern calendar app specifically designed for individuals and teams to manage tasks, events, and meetings.

Notion Calender is owned by Notion, an all-in-one workspace app. Notion Calendar is available for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and the Web.

Notion Calendar also offers to connect with Notion to bring tasks and projects into the calendar. It will help you to bring your work and schedules into one place.

After downloading you have to connect to the existing calendar you have like Google Calendar and then they all the required data to set up and get ready to use the app.

I am now using and scheduling my all tasks and meetings in the Notion calendar. The best part about this app is its auto-syncs with your Google calendar. That is like a win-win situation.

If you want to look at your calendar on your mobile you can access all of your tasks auto-synced in your Google Calendar. You can just open the Google Calendar app and see all of the things you did in your Notion calendar. It’s awesome 😎.


Notion Calendar is free to use and you can connect Notion Calendar with Notion, the well-known workspace app.

Notion calendar features?

Notion has lots of features to explore and use in your daily work. Like,

  • You can create and edit repeat events those events you use frequently.
  • You can resize your spacing on calendar grid density and resizing.
  • Able to switch between different time zones and add the timezone on the side of the calendar.
  • Color code your events to categorize them.
  • Adjust the no. Of days you can see on the screen.
  • Add Notion Docs to your Events
  • Attach Event links like Any important docs, Notion pages, or any links.

And many more features that you can see on the Notion calendar. You can see all the features on the tips and tricks page.

Connect Notion with Notion

You can connect Notion Calendar with Notion to bring your all projects, and tasks into the calendar. After you connect you can pages into calendar as events and scedule all your work into the calendar.

Here is how you can connect Notion Calendar with Notion. You can also see the tutorial here.

  • Click on “Docs and Links” to connect to Notion.
Notion connect with cron
  • Click on it and it will redirect to a page to allow access.
Allow access to integrate Notion with cron
  • After being allowed, you will able to see all your recently opened Notion pages and workspace you have connected inside the Notion Calendar app.
After Notion Integrated in Cron

Google Calendar vs Notion calander

Although both Notion Calendar and Google Calendar are excellent calendars, I use both of them. How? I use two different apps, Google Calendar on my phone and Notion Calendar on my laptop. They are both synchronized, so whatever task I make on one of them will automatically sync with the other.

I don’t have the motivation to check my phone when using my laptop because of this. With my browser, I can use Google Calendar, but I don’t experience any problems with the Notion calendar.

Notion Calendar’s beautiful and simple design makes it stand out. It synchronizes with Google Calendar instantly, and adding events on the side where you have to open another window is as simple as clicking on it.

Both calendars are better to use and have lots of functionality to use. But here google wins because,

  1. If you use Google Calendar then It’s everywhere, on your PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.
  2. If you use Notion Calendar, you have to download it for all of your devices.

How to get access to the Notion calendar?

You can access the Notion calendar by downloading it for your devices like iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android

First, go to the official website Notion .com, then click on the signup button to get access to the Notion calendar.

Cron calendar calendar interface
Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar Alterntives

I have selected some of the best calendars that you can prefer if you don’t want to use Notion Calendar. You can see the alternatives on Notion Calendar here. Here is the list of calendars in short.

  1. Fantastical: Best iOS calendar app alternative to Notion Calendar
  2. Morgen: Best all device calendar app better than Notion Calendar.
  3. Google Calendar: Free alternative to Notion Calendar.
  4. Any do: The best option for task management with a calendar functionality
  5. Apple Calendar: The best option for beginners with iOS devices
  6. Amie: Best alternative to Notion Calendar for Gen-Z users.


Is Notion Calendar safe and trustworthy?

Yes, Notion Calendar is safe and trustworthy. It is owned by the industry-leading workspace application, Notion. It ensures a safe environment for managing your tasks and schedules.

Does Notion Calendar have natural language processing?

No, As of now Notion doesn’t support Natural Language Processing (NLP). Few calendar apps support NLP, such as Fantastical, Busycal, and Calendar 5. Natural Language Processing, gives an advance feature to input tasks and events in a conversational manner.

Does Notion sync with Google Calendar?

Yes, It does sync with Google Calendar. Every change you make on Notion Calendar reflects on Google Calendar and Vice versa.

How much does the Notion calendar cost?

Notion Calendar is free to use and you don’t have to pay anything to use this app. It also connects with Notion with the free plan.

Notion calendar is available for?

Notion Calendar is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Web browsers. You can use it on these devices and it automatically syncs with every device you have connected. You can use the calendar on all your devices.


Notion Calendar is actually a beautiful calendar to use. For now, when you use Notion Calendar and make any changes it will auto-sync with other calendars like Google Calendar. If they remove then it’s hard to convince people to use them. Because everything Notion Calendar has Google Calendar also. Let me know your opinion. 😶

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