Notion Calendar vs Amie: Who Owns the Calendar Battle?

Calendars are essential in digital life.

You need the best calendar app to manage and schedule your events and plan accordingly. There are plenty of calendars out there and you need one. It’s frustrating sometimes but it’s okay.

In this article, we will look at two new calendar options that have the potential to be the best calendars out there.

In this article, we will see the Notion calendar and Amie calendar their features, pricing and which one is the best option for you.

Notion Calendar Vs Amie: Overview and Design


Notion Calendar is a new and minimalist app with a user-friendly interface. It’s available on Web, Windows, Mac, and iOS.

With its clean and decluttered layout, it will be easy to use the app and schedule events without any distractions.

Notion also integrates with Notion Calendar and you can easily link your databases, projects, and tasks from Notion to the calendar.

On the other hand, Amie is also a clean, minimalist, and modern designed calendar with a beautiful interface. Amie is available for Web, iOS, macOS Silicon, and macOS Intel.

Amie calendar came with a to-do list feature that makes it a unique calendar to use.

Both apps are best in their design and user experience with their minimalist and modern design approach. However, the aesthetic of the app may vary because one is a dark color and the other is a light color.

It’s your preference what you should use.

Notion calendar Vs Amie: Features

Both the Notion calendar and Amie are feature-rich and have some different features that make them different from each other.

Notion calendar is only a calendar but Amie offers to-do list features with a calendar.

Here are some of the Notion calendar features that may excite you to use the app.

  • Link Notion pages and databases to the calendar
  • You can share your availability with others
  • You can adjust the no. of days to show on the screen.
  • Color code your calendar
  • You can switch between Day/week/month view
  • You can switch between timezones
  • Create and edit your repeat events
  • Add Notion Docs to your Events
  • Attach Event links like any important docs, Notion pages, or any links.

These are some of the Notion calendar features. You can explore more details on Notion calendar tips and tricks.

amie calendar

Here are some of the amazing features of Amie Calendar that may excite you to use the app.

  • Calendar app with a todo list
  • Drag and drop your todos into your calendar
  • Color code your events
  • Spotify Integration
  • Send Scheduling link to your guests
  • Manage your team’s calendar
  • Multiple timezones support
  • Manage your team calendars

Notion Calendar Vs Amie: Pricing

Pricing is important to consider in a calendar application.

Notion Calendar is free to use. Amie offers a free plan and a paid plan of $15 per user per month. The free plan offers 3 integrations and the paid plan offers unlimited integrations.

If you thinking of using any of those, I would recommend using Notion Calendar which is free, and connect with Notion easily to bring tasks and databases to the calendar.

Notion calendar Vs Amie: Which one is best for you?

amie calendar mobile

So, which calendar is for you?

Both are free, so price is not a barrier. Both are simple, clean, and minimalist. Notion only offers a calendar and Amie offers a to-do list app with a calendar app.

So if you need a calendar app integrated with a to-do list app then you can go with Amie. If you need a personal calendar then you can go with Notion.

If you need a calendar to manage different team members then you can go with Amie. The choice is yours with your preferences.

Here is a table comparing these two apps, you can look at them to know the best app to use.

FeaturesNotion CalendarAmie
InterfaceClean, minimalist designSleek and modern design
AvailabilityWeb, iOS, Windows, MacWeb, iOS, Mac
Todo list featureNot AvailableAvailable
Scheduling featureCollaboration features for sharingCollaboration features for sharing
IntegrationIntegration with other calendar appsIntegrate with other apps
Managing teamsNot AvailableAvailable
Try NowTry Now
Comparison Between Notion Calendar vs Amie

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