Notion Calendar vs Apple Calendar: Which one you should use?

Calendars are essential for our work, personal use, and overall life. We manage to schedule all our events and work on our calendars.

With the help of a calendar with features, we can manage a lot easier. With some of many best calendar apps out there it’s not easy to find the best calendar to use.

So, In this article, we will compare two popular and emerging options one is Apple calendar (The OG one) and the Notion calendar ( The newcomer).

We will see features, Look, design, and pricing then analyze what is best for you to use.

Notion Calendar Vs Apple Calendar: Overview

Notion Calendar is a beautiful minimalist new calendar application that makes it simple to use without any background knowledge.

With its minimalist design, you will be able to add events and manage your schedule without any distractions. Notion Calendar is relatively new compared to the Apple calendar which came in 2002.

You can integrate Notion Calendar with Notion to bring databases, pages, and projects into the calendar. You can now use Notion Calendar on your Windows, iOS, and the Web.

apple calendar

On the other hand, Apple Calendar, also known as iCal, comes with Apple devices pre-installed and works seamlessly with Apple devices.

It also has a minimalist approach towards the calendar and perfectly works with the Apple ecosystem with Apple services and apps.

It is a simple app that works perfectly for beginners and normal users who don’t want highly customizable options and features.

Notion calendar Vs Apple calendar: Features

cron calendar interface

When it comes to features, both the Notion calendar and the Apple calendar have their unique advances and strengths.

Here are some of the Notion calendar features to understand the capabilities of the app.

  • Color Code your events
  • Switch timezones
  • Collaborate with other people to share availability
  • Create and edit your repeated tasks
  • Simple and minimalist interface for a clutter-free experience
  • Make alerts and notifications

On the other hand, the Apple calendar also offers some of the best features. Here are some of the features of Apple Calendar to understand the capability of the app.

  • Seamless integration with other Apple services
  • Quick Event Creation
  • Integrate with other services to get the full potential.
  • Avance scheduling for better use of the calendar
  • Create Notion Docs Events inside the Notion calendar
  • Attach any relevant documents, Notion pages, or other connections to the event.

Notion Calendar Vs Apple Calendar: Pricing

Both Apple Calendar and Notion Calendar are free to use. You can use it for free to get the maximum value. Since both are free to use if are holding back on the pricing, then you can use one of the apps.

Notion calendar Vs Apple calendar: Which one is best for you?

apple calendar

So which one to use? Both Apple Calendar and Notion Calendar are the best apps with a simple and minimalist design and interface.

So if you want to choose one of those then you can use it as your need and preferences.

If you have an Apple device and need a basic calendar then you can use an Apple calendar, if you want to try a new calendar then go with the Notion calendar.

Below is a table to compare both of them.

FeaturesNotion CalendarApple Calendar
InterfaceClean and minimalistClean and User-friendly
AvailabilityWeb, iOS, WindowsOnly Apple devices
CollaborationCollaboration with sharing calendarsLimited Option
IntegrationLimited IntegrationsSeamlessly integration with Apple devices
Advanced SchedulingAvailableAvailable
Multiple time zonesYesYes
Dark modeYesYes
Try NowTry Now
Comparison Between Apple Calendar vs Notion Calendar
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