Notion Integration with Notion Calendar: Best Practices

Notion Calendar is one of the best calendar apps that you can use to get your tasks organized and managed properly.

You can now able to integrate your notion dashboard with Notion Calendar and access all your wikis, pages, and database in Notion Calendar

Cron is available for Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, and the Web. If you are using any of the Notion or Notion Calendar, it’s going to be beneficial for you to integrate your Notion workspace with the Cron calendar.

I have reviewed Notion Calendar in the past and given some tips and tricks that you can use to manage your calendar app properly. You can see the comparison between other calendar apps like Google Calendar, Fantastical, Outlook, Amie, Apple Calendar, and Any do.

Let’s see how you can able to integrate the Notion Calendar with the Notion app Before that let’s see the benefits you will get from the integration.

Benefits of Notion Integration with Notion Calendar

After you integrate Notion with Notion Calendar, you will able to access all your databases, wikis, and pages inside your Notion calendar app.

You can see the recently opened pages with the workspace below, you can connect multiple workspaces and switch between them.

When you create your events you can access Notion pages in the Docs and Links section and can search notion pages to link to the events.

It’s useful to mark notion pages as events and when you need any docs from the notion. It’s super useful but needs some improvements that we will talk about below.

How to Integrate Notion With Notion Calendar

Let’s see how you can integrate the notion with the Notion calendar.

  • Open your Notion Calendar app and drag it to create an event.
  • Click on “Docs and Links” to connect to Notion.
Notion connect with cron
  • Click on it and it will redirect to a page to allow access.
Allow access to integrate Notion with cron
  • After being allowed, you will able to see all your recently opened Notion pages and workspace you have connected inside the Notion Calendar app.
After Notion Integrated in Cron

This is the simple process where you will able to connect Notion with Notion Calendar. Let’s talk about some improvements that can make this integration more useful.

Some Improvements Needed

After Notion acquired Notion Calendar, it makes sense for them to connect two apps, do we need this? If yes, we want full control over managing databases inside the cron app.

Here are some improvements that can be useful.

  1. When you create a calendar event inside Notion Calendar, you will able to link notion pages as docs, but it’s going to be useful if we can have this as an event name instead of putting a name.
  2. When you name an event, we can access Notion pages with @ to make it an event.
  3. When it shows on the calendar it should appear as a Notion page with a little icon to identify, It is a notion page and if we click on this it will redirect to the Notion app.
  4. Make Notion pages and databases more accessible with a sidebar menu, it will open when you click on an event like on Google Calendar to add tasks.
  5. Able to drag and drop Notion pages but it should make a link to the page instead of actually having the page. You can see this feature in Morgen, Amie, and Fantastical when you can drag and drop a task into the calendar.


In the end, it’s your choice whether you should integrate the Notion with Notion Calendar or not. You should integrate if you are using Notion and want a compatible calendar app.

You can see the Notion Calendar calendar alternative to see another calendar for your needs. If you have some questions regarding this you can simply comment or DM me on Twitter.

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