Notion Users and Growth Statistics

Notion is all-in-one project management, note-taking, and productivity app.

With the help of Notion, you will able to take notes, manage your tasks and projects, and do many more things.

In this article, we will see how many paid subscribers Notion has, which countries notion uses the most, and other statistics about Notion.

Top Notion Statistics – Our Pick

  • As of Jan 2021, Notion has more than 20 Million Users.
  • Notion has more than 4 million paid customers.
  • The most Popular Notion AI prompts are “Brainstorm ideas”, “To-do list”, and “Outline”.
  • Notion gets approximately 148.1 Million Visits in July 2023
  • Notion gets 88.76% of visits direct.
  • Notion gets 49.37% of social media traffic from Youtube.
  • The US is at the top in terms of Notion Users (13.94%).
  • The 25-34 Age group uses Notion the most (37.14%).

Source: Wikipedia, Forbes, Notion, Similarweb

About Notion

Company Name: Notion Labs Inc.

Founded Year: 2013

Founded By: Ivan Zhao, Chris Prucha, Jessica Lam, Simon Last, and Toby Schachman.

Valuation: 10 Billion

Recent Funding: $275 million

Users: More than 20 Million

Source: Wikipedia, Forbes

How Many Paid Users Does Notion Have?

According to Forbes, Notion has more than 20 million users, and only 4 Million of them are paid users.

Notion has a customer base of individuals, small-sized companies (1-99 employees), medium-sized companies (100-999 employees), and enterprises (1000+ employees).

The collaboration and workspace software market was valued at over 21 billion in 2021 and is estimated to grow to 49 Billion by 2030.

Notion User Stats

According to Similarweb, has been visited approximately 148.1 Million times over the last 30 days. That’s an increase of 5.2 Million from Jun 2023.

Notion Monthly Traffic

Notion gets a bounce rate of 26.72%.

Each Notion visitor views an average of 9.85 pages per visit and the average visit duration is 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

Here’s how the Notion app compares to other related apps in terms of monthly visitors.

WebsiteTotal VisitsBounce RatePages per VisitAverage Visit Duration
ClickUp28.6M26.97%8.3311 mins 34 secs
Evernote22.7M35.46%5.044 mins 56 secs
Airtable20.0M38.93%7.598 mins 18 secs
Figma80.4M23.80%21.9615 mins 16 secs
Monday30.5M29.12%7.5212 mins 2 secs
Asana41.5M30.24%7.3311 mins 37 secs
Basecamp11.3M27.71%8.3513 mins 6 secs
Obsidian4.9M44.22%4.334 mins 21 secs
Todoist20.7M37.69%5.365 mins 57 secs
Trello92.6M27.43%8.0211 mins 13 secs

Sources: Similarweb

Notion Top Traffics

Marketing Channels

Notion gets around 8 out of 10 visits directly (88.76% Visits). Notion gets 6.94% traffic in organic search which is the 2nd most traffic source.

Here is the breakdown of Notion’s top traffic sources.

RankMarketing ChannelPercentage of Traffic
2Organic Search6.94%
6Paid Search0.81%
Notion marketing channels

Social Media Traffic

Notion gets 49.37% of social media traffic from Youtube and this makes it the top channel in terms of social media traffic.

Here is the breakdown of the social media traffic of Notion.

RankSocial NetworkPercentages of Traffic

Top Keyword Traffic

The most searched Keyword “Notion” gets 3.5M organic traffic per month from search engines.

In total, approximately 18.4k keywords are used to access Notion.

RankKeywordMonthly Traffic
2notion ai194.7k
3notion download142.4k
5notion templates93.5k

Source: Similarweb

Notion By Region

Notion gets 13.94% of visits from the United States (US). Japan is the second place with 8.44% of visits. Together all the top 5 countries consist of 36.89% of Notion monthly visits.

Here is the breakdown of all the traffic by region.

RankTrafficPercentage of Notion Users
1United States13.94%
4Republic of Korea4.67%
5United Kingdom3.46%
Others (Combined)63.11%

Source: Similarweb

Notion By Age

According to Similarweb, the 25-34 age group people use Notion the most (37.14%) and the 18-24 age group is the second with 26.61%.

The 65+ age group uses Notion the least with only 2.93%. Notion app is used by 56.16% of Males and 43.84% of Females.

Here is the breakdown of Notion Users in terms of age.

RankAge GroupPercentage of Notion User

Source: Similarweb


Notion app is a powerful project management software. It has grown 20x times between 2019-2021. It has more than 20 Million customers according to Forbes.

As Notion keeps growing, we will keep updating this page.

This is the stats of the Notion app, if you want to include some, you can reach out to us.


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