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Soubhagya: Are you doing exercise or any physical work to keep your body fit? Our body needs to be fit when it comes to becoming productive in our day. Back then before the pandemic, I was not a person, who does any physical activity or exercise. But on Covid, I was more conscious about my physical fitness and health. Everyone worries about their health at that time, more conscious about their health. And was also. I started exercising daily and it helped me in many ways like it boosts my immunity power, becomes more focused, and energizes what I was doing back then.

So let’s talk about the important role of physical fitness in your daily life to become more productive, but wait…..

We have a guest, our first guest on the podcast, Mr. Su-yog, who is a daily practitioner and have lots of experiment on physical fitness. Today Su-yog will tell about why we need to give extra care for taking our body seriously and becoming physically fit.

So let’s welcome our first-ever guest on our podcast.

Welcome, Su-yog, you are the first guest on our podcast.

Suyog: Hello everyone and it’s it feels really nice to be featured on your podcast, Soubhagya, so thank you for, Reaching out to me. And yeah, I’m really glad to be a part of your podcast.

Soubhagya: You are most welcome. Firstly we want to listen to your journey, so we can relate to you easily. Tell me, or tell the audience what the what’s your story.

Suyog: About my story. Actually, it began. From my school days when I was in 10 standards. Actually, I used to be a very thin person. A thin kid. Things were like, Not really great for me because I was very thin I was like, By the time I was in 10 standards I was, Barely 45 pages of weight. And it was, Not a good look which I had on myself and plus It affected my confidence too. Moving forward to Class 12. When I entered Class 12, I decided that it’s time that I should start doing something for my body. And that’s where I decided to start. Doing regular exercise. At first, I thought of joining a gym. But well, I dropped that plan. Rather than that, I focus more on home workouts. So that I can just build up some of the things on my own without the use of any equipment, just using my body weight. And from that time right from the year 2018 and 19. That’s where my journey actually began. Add I Currently weigh around like 70kg. OK, and. Due to being physically fit, I’m now being able to convey my messages even clearer. I am more confident I can talk clearly. And thus, it makes me more focused and more productive at the end of the day.

Soubhagya: So. Mr. Suyog, I’m also a thin person, like you said you are on 10th Standard 45kg, I’m also that category. When I started on pandemic doing exercises, I experience lots of changes in my mind and in the body going around. And notice I can more focus on my work. Better state of mind and have healthy day along. So on that, time there are people who have so panicked because of covid. So, it help me a lot become more focused on my work and become physically fit also.

Suyog: Yes, that’s really great.

Soubhagya: So why does someone needs to think about their fitness?

Suyog: So if you ask me, why should I think about my fitness and why should I care about my fitness? The first answer is that. In late, our lives are going to get busier and busier so. While being busy, we have to constantly sit around like 8 hours of work. And This is not really good for our body. Our human body is made to do work by walking by. Having some moment. If you don’t do it.

Your body will get jammed and. A jam is where all the diseases come. Actually. If you don’t focus on your fitness, you are really prone to, All kinds of diseases actually to be more precise, Your immunity will be weak, Your posture will be poor. And as per the world says, “the one, that can show itself”. Add is in a good shape, is a great shape then. Exact confidence is the one that becomes successful. So as a part of your success, fitness is really worth it.

Soubhagya: There are lots of benefits around physical like.

  • reduce your risk of a heart attack
  • manage your weight better
  • have lower blood pressure
  • have stronger bones, muscles, and joints and a lower risk of developing osteoporosis
  • lower your risk of falls
  • recover better from periods of hospitalization or bed rest
  • feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed, and sleep better.

Regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. It can also reduce your risk of depression and anxiety and help you sleep better. Strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity can help you maintain your weight over time. Want to know more about sleep, then you can listen to the very first episode the wake-up call on wherever you are listening.

Does it make any addon t our daily life or it’s just a time waste?

Suyog: Well, in the beginning, if you think many people think that working out is just a waste of time. And I should say it is totally wrong. Because. let me just make a comparison to my previous version and me right now. The previous version is the one that didn’t work out. I used to be getting tired really quick actually. My energy levels were really low.

  1. my body was not in the habit of moving much or not doing much, that’s why. My body has to use a lot of energy for doing simple tasks. But right now I can do a lot of tasks in a whole single day and still has the energy to record a podcast record. And do any physical activity because. That is the advantage I got from constantly working out. I took a lot of breaks too. Like, if you’re working out like three to seven days or maybe four to five days a week. At least you are getting through two days of rest. If you are doing this. This adds up to your body.
  2. it makes you productive. Because now you have better energy levels. If you have more energy then you can put a lot of stuff into work in these 24 hours after, and thus I don’t think it is a waste of time. At least I think that it is an addition. It is a bonus. Because the human body is something that can be trained, and if you are not doing it why, why not?

Soubhagya: When I started out, so I’m also a believer, that it’s just a waste of time and there is no value addition. so, when I started out, I break the chain also and when I realize there are lots of benefits, I again started out. exercises go with rest of time. But I don’t know how you are. So when I started working out I. The great question also. When I realized that terror sounds beneficial, there are lots of. To do any exercise. So I started again and I feel the changes, so I continued till today. And I feel very excited. And very excited every day to do any exercise. What are the benefits or changes you notice while adapting to it?

Suyog: What kind of changes I catch or what kind of adaptations I go through? it’s More into, the Internal thing. Like if you constantly know how to work out properly, you are doing it for two days in continuous and then the next day you just go. I don’t wanna do it, I’ll do it some other time. But this is the wrong way. But if you don’t insert disciplined manner, if you do it regularly and no when to take your breaks.

To be a really shy person naturally, well I didn’t work out. And thus I did. That I look good. I look presentable. And This gives me a bold. Post that I can just go. Because I can go talk to them. Somewhere in my head I already know. I’m going to like me, what i am. Yeah, because. I know and I am proud of what I have become just by working out, and thus I have become a much better person than I used to be.

Soubhagya: Regular physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp as you age. It can also reduce your risk of depression and anxiety and help you sleep better. so strong scientific evidence shows that physical activity can help you maintain your weight over time so. if someone wants to start exercise, What is your advice for a person who is starting out doing exercise?

Suyog: Starting it out right now, and if you’re willing. Like I’m going to do it tomorrow. I just want. Just start doing. It’s not, it’s not. I’m not saying that. OK, now it’s in the morning. Don’t overdo it. do it in a disciplined manner. That you are going to do pushups for a day. Yeah, just focus on your upper body for a day. 

then the next day focus on their legs. It’s like you’re just giving chances to allow different parts of your body. So that they can grow and have equal amounts difference, point #2. Plenty full of rest. Point #3 try to eat healthily. Have a disciplined plan. point 5. That’s whenever you think of giving up. look In the mirror, when you take off the shirt. Just remember. you are able to see these if you keep working out. And the answer is, you’re going to see the abs you’re going to see muscles. Add these things. No, I’m just. But it also boosts your confidence.

I most saying 1. start doing it. Number 2. Don’t stop, keep up add #3. Don’t overdo it, just. Keep increasing the level gradually, slowly, slowly, just keep. Increasing the number of reps you’re gonna do so that it doesn’t affect your body in a bad. And your body will get actually have it waited to what you are doing right now. OK.

So yeah, these are my three to four Pointers that I always follow whenever I’m working out. So thanks man for answering this question. It means a lot. So who is missing? Please move exercises. Do anything you collect. Hi hi, just do it five days a week.

In conversation, Soubhagya sahu(The host) and Sayog (Guest). Say on Instagram and his podcast (Hindi language)

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