21 productivity apps and tools for students (free & paid)

In student life, you will face many ups and downs, and stress about studying. But you have to stay productive and do your study score well in exams.

There are many applications and services that will help you to stay productive while you are having a bad time. Minimizing injuries is a skill and you have to learn that skill to excel in your student life.

In this post, I will share some of the productive apps and tools for students that you can use to stay productive and organized. some of the things may be paid or free.

let’s explore.

Productivity apps and tools for students

In student life, the one thing that is most necessary is staying productive even if you are not feeling great or getting bored while studying, or having a bad habit that just ruined your life.

Some of the apps will prevent you from being attached to that thing but everything has an alternative or reverse engineering. you just have to train your monkey mind to stop getting attracted to those things.

Freedom (Enjoy the Freedom From your Device)

freedom website and app blocking tool
credits: Freedom

To get your freedom to study, you have to block the sites you are most distracted with or are addicted to like porn sites, social media sites, and news sites.

Then you have to use an app that will block all those sites on all of your devices like your browser, PC, or smartphone.

Then you can use freedom to block all those websites, and apps to stay productive while you are studying.

Available On: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Chrome

Forest (Get Distraction Free)


Forest app is a powerful app to stay organized and distraction-free.

This app will block your mobile phone for a limited amount of time and help you to stay focused while you are studying.

If you check your phone very frequently and you want to change that habit, this app will help you to stop using your mobile phone.

I reviewed this app also, this is a very impressive app, here is a forest app review.

Available on: Android, IOS

💡Note: you might be confused about freedom or forest, both are great apps to use but forest only works on smartphones, not windows, macOS, or chrome. So you can use freedom to use on all of your platforms

Noisli (Listen to Beautiful Music and Noise)

Credit: Noisli

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours” —Elton John, English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer

Music has the power to ensure that you are getting a dip in your study and really enjoying it.

So try Noisli, it has lots of background noise of nature, birds chirping, and the wind blowing or raining. You will feel like you are in a jungle hunting and camping. It has lots of beautiful background sounds to increase your concentration and focus.

Available on: Web, chrome extension, Android, IOS

Zoom (Video Conferencing App)

Image: Zoom

Before the pandemic zoom doesn’t exist, it was an online conferencing app to connect with the world from where you are living.

This is one of the most useful apps for students that they can discuss and hang out with their friends directly.

Available on: Android, IOS, web


Image: Habitica

Building habit in the early days is the most important thing while you are a student especially.

So, you can use Habitica to make and track all your habits with gamify experience. More than 4 million people are using this app to build good habits and break bad habits.

Available on: Android, IOS


As a student, you have to organize your study notes, a question bank, or your own notes. Organizing all of your students makes you more productive and less stressed about things you care about.

Pen and paper

student writing
Image: Canva

It’s always better to write with pen and paper. pen and paper give you a seamless experience of writing in your hand and solving problems.

But this also has cons like you can’t carry all your notes to all places when you need them. You have to be comfortable writing on online note-taking platforms.

Available on: your desk

Notion (All-in-one Workplace)

Image: Notion

The notion is best for storing information or notes online.

It’s an online note-taking, database, and wikis app that will allow you to create databases of your topics and write notes on them and organize them in a disciple manner.

This is the best app and one-in-all app for students to get healthy and productive.

Available on: Android, IOS, web



Other than your notes, if you want to write something that is only best for the writing, then you should go to Evernote.

It’s the best online note-taking application especially for taking notes. You can also organize on the app also. Great app for Writing purposes.

Available on: Android, IOS, web


Image: Todoist

When you wake up or go to bed, the one thing you can do is to have a list of things you want to do on that day like what are the topics you want to study? or what is the thing you will do on the day?

This way you will get an idea of things you want to do when you are going to study.

The app for maintaining a to-do list is Todoist, it’s one of the best apps to create and maintain your Todolist.

The app has lots of features that will encourage you to get your study done.

Available on: Android, IOS, Web

Google Calendar or Notion Calendar

Image: Google Calendar

Having a weekly or daily schedule is the best thing when you start doing your study.

That’s a calendar like a Google calendar can do best. To have an app that is best for managing and batching the routine or tasks you can try Notion Calendar.

It’s a calendar app that will allow you to schedule your events and this app will sync to your Google calendar, so you can see all the events you created on Notion Calendar (see Notion calendar tips and tricks to better understand) on your Google calendar.

You can use the app on your PC and Google Calendar on your mobile to get a seamless experience like I use those apps.

Available on: Android, IOS, Windows, Web

Google Keep

Image: Google Keep

Google Keep is also a note-taking app that allows you to take quick notes while you doing something like running or hanging out with friends, you can just put your idea into Google Keep.

It’s very useful and friendly, and I use it all the time.

Because it’s pre-installed on Android you can start using it now. You can learn the Google Keep tips and tricks of the app to use very easily.

For IOS users you can use the alternative of this app like Apple Notes.

Available on: Android, iOS, web


Youtube (For everyone)

You can study on YouTube. The cool thing about this is all the above learning platforms are also on YouTube. So you can learn any topic you want to learn.


Other than studying for academics you can learn life skills as well like photography, video editing, painting, animation, etc.

Skillshare is an online learning platform that teaches online courses for real life. On the platform, there are lots of courses available which teaches by professionals and those who are masters in that field.


Duolingo is an application to learn a language. Here you can learn any language in a fun and effective way. you can learn your favorite language and become smart in front of your friends.


Image: amazon

Other than studying for exams and real life. You can learn from different books whether it’s sci-fi, friction, non-friction, etc.

You can buy a Kindle where you will find all the books and read them on a digital device anywhere.

You can buy kindle paperwhite, but I made a comparison of all the Kindle devices to better understand.


Image: Audible

If you are tired of reading books you can listen to them on audible. On Audible, you can find audiobooks and listen to them. if you are confused about which one you should read I made a list of 52 books you can read. (12 books version also)

Go and Use Those apps

Go try those apps and see how you are feeling, whether your productivity increased or not. If you have any suggestions or questions you can ask me in the comment and tell me how are these productivity apps and tools for students.

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