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28 Actionable Productivity hacks for students To Elevate their Future – Productivity side

Many students didn’t get interested to study and consider it a boring thing to do. But certain things will motivate you to study smartly and enjoy your study throughout the day.

They were bored or didn’t get enough interest to study because of the environment, social media, not getting proper knowledge about the topic, or rising of distraction.

We covered many of the productivity tips for the students in another blog, and in this blog, I just want to address the quick things you can and the hacks you apply to make interesting your study.

1. Get enough sleep

student sleeping in class
Image: Pexel

Sleeping is an essential part of our body functions or life, we sleep one-third of our life—sleeping.

The first thing you can do is to get 7-8 hours of sleep, when you don’t sleep or you don’t get enough sleep, then may face many physical and mental diseases.

Sleep can boost your memory and get active your brain, when you study for a long time try to get 15-20 min of nap, to get recharged.

2. Exercise regularly

image: Pixabay

You have to get physically fit to perform well in your day, try to exercise for 15-20 every day.

Sleep and exercise have a correlation between them. When you keep your body fit then you will get a good night of sleep.

Researchers also believe that when you exercise regularly, the brain cells connections to form new ones and restore old ones.

3. Eat healthily

mr bean eating
Image: Giphy

The research found that college students have the common eating habit of eating unhealthy food, snacks, high-calorie foods, and easy access to junk foods.

Because of the social gatherings, friends pressure for eating those things. That may affect your body and study as well.

So eating healthy food is necessary for your health.

If your health is not good, everything else wasted.

4. Use The Pomodoro Technique

pomodoro technique
Image: Canva

The Pomodoro timer is a time management technique that will help you to block your time into sessions of 25 min and 5 min of break and that is called a Pomodoro. The cycle will continue after the break and after 4 sessions you will get treated and get 15-20 min of break where you can take a nap also.

This is an effective method to study for a limited amount of time without getting bored with a short time breaks.

So, we build a tool, especially for students, and working people to use this Pomodoro timer. There we build basic tools without any distraction. You can study without getting distracted and getting the value for your time.’

Click here to get to the Pomodoro timer.

5. Do Your Hardest Work In The Morning

Image: Respective owner

if you have the hardest thing to do like a subject you want to finish for months or any hard topic that you need extra concentration then do it in the first hours of your morning or when you are ready to study.

if you don’t do that then you will have a headache of finishing those tasks and you will feel stressed because of that task, then you should do the hardest work in the morning.

If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.

Mark Twain

You can read a good book “Eat that frog”, before starting reading you can read the summary where the author shares some of the things you can do to prevent distractions.

6. Keep A Smart Task List

to do list
Image: Pixabay

After waking up or before going to bed you can do one thing make a list of 3-4 things you want to do on that day and focus on the list.

“People don’t take anything seriously until it’s written down and becomes an actual part of their daily schedule. It might take you some time to get there but once that becomes a habit, you’ll end up getting all that you planned done simply because it’s part of your to-do list for the day.” — Jim Kwik

7. Take A day’s rest

Thats important giphy
Image: Giphy

Studying 7 days a week is a hard thing to do and you may feel exhausted doing one thing every day. So take a day off and touch your study materials that day. do some other things like your hubbies.

  • Visit a new place
  • Take a tour
  • Read a good book
  • Watch a good movie and never start a tv series
  • Eat something you want

This way you will treat yourself to study for a long time and motivate yourself to start studying in next day. You have to convince yourself to start studying the next day.

8. AIRPLANE MODE your phone

Image: Respective owner

When you are studying or most of the students study then distract from their mobile phone because you are at a young age and don’t have enough responsibilities you can put your mobile phone to airplane mode, where you will never get any messages, calls or anything at that time.

If you can’t do that you can just put your phone in DND mode or Do not disturb mode, where you will get messages and calls but your phone will be on silent mode or you will not get any notifications.

After studying, during break time, you can check your phone, if something important may pups up.


If you have lots of tasks to do and you don’t have any clue about how you will complete all those things. First, batch all the similar types of tasks and do it.

This way you will get organized, get finished most of the tasks, and more importantly save a lot of time and energy because you will not switch different tasks multiple times.

10. Stop Browsing Websites as You Study

When you studying don’t browser through social media or any site that may distract you and put you in a mood that you don’t want to study and do something else.

When searching for something in Google or you may watch something on YouTube related to study then browse with maximum precautions.

Use freedom to block distractive websites.

Newsfeed eradicator to vanish your newsfeed from social media.

11. Eliminate bad habits from your daily routine.

stressed student looking at laptop unsplash
image: Unsplash

If you have any bad habits then immediately remove that bad habit, unless you will not able to study properly.

Always have the goal to acquire good habits and prevent bad habits that way you will live a healthy life.

A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. —Jenny Craig

12. Break down big projects into organized, manageable chunks.

As a student, you may have heavy books looking like mountains to you and long and complex topics. Right?

Then break those big things into small chunks and start learning that way you will make the topic easier for you and have enough time to learn the topic.

13. Go outside if you feel like you can’t get anything done.

When you are stuck at something and you are thinking you are not going to understand the topic or concept and you are not able to solve a problem.

Take a break, go outside recharge yourself, and do those things. I like a quote by Elon musk saying,

When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor. —Elon Musk

That way if you have something important to do and you are not getting enough courage to do that thing, then make you have to do that thing to get out of your comfort zone and tackle your problems.

14. Go for a Walk

when you are taking the 5-10 mins of a short break, you can walk for a distance, move your body, and have some water to get productive while you are studying.

15. Implement the Two-Minute Rule for Quick Tasks

image: Unsplash

As you are started studying, if you have tasks that is much easier and less time-consuming then do those tasks first thing in the morning.

As two-minute rule says if you have any tasks that will take 2 min or a very small amount of time, then do it immediately so that you will don’t have to get stressed doing lots of things in a go and your todo list has something to checkmark.

16. Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

Like maintaining a to-do list, you can maintain a routine where you will plan ahead of your time and that will give perspective and an overview of your time. Planning is an important part to get accomplishing everything you want.

A well planned and prepared battle always wins.

17. Avoid Multitasking

multi-tasking will kill your productivity, so don’t multitask. many people have the misconception that if I will do more things at a single time then I will accomplish more and do more things.

But that is not what you think, 2% of the world’s population can multi-task and cool thing is that everybody thinks that they are on the 2% list. Try to do single tasks at a time, and put your focus on a single thing.

18. Ergonomic chair

Image: Respective Owner

Finding a suitable environment and your desk and chair is hard. if you are not comfortably sitting then you are not able to get the focus where you want to put your focus.

Buy an ergonomic chair, those are cheap, comfortable to sit and you will find them helpful when you will experience it.

19. Buy a Calendar

Image: Amazon

Buy a physical calendar for your desk, don’t watch your mobile phone all the time to do simple things.

20. Analog sticky notes

Image: Pexel

Sticky notes are very useful to memorize anything you want to remember for yourself. Stick notes are very popular where you can get yourself a hint about something or you can use them as to-do list.

21. Analog to-do list

Image: Pixabay

You can also buy an analog to-do list or you can use any app like Todoist to do the same thing. Both have their own pros and cons.

22. Alarm clock

alarm clock
Image: Photo by Stas Knop

This is a life-changing device. Try a physical alarm clock and see the results. Many people have recommended buying an alarm clock and I am also saying you should buy one. This will help in your personal development.

23. Try a Standing Desk

Image: Amazon

A standing desk is getting popular among programmers who work as professionals who are working for a very long time sitting on a chair, so you can purchase a standing desk where you can adjust the height of the desk and do your study while you are standing.

(Linux found standing desk photo )

24. Chewing gum/ chocolates

image: Pixel

Chewing gum is beneficial when you are studying, it makes your mood to study and make yourself refresh.

According to research Chewing-gums have many benefits like,

  • improve memory power
  • it may improve your study
  • Get better in tests
  • improve your cognitive power
  • Reduces stress hormone
  • Get better at problem-solving.

25. Find the right environment.

When you are going to study find the right environment to study, never study in your room where you sleep. Study in a calm and silent environment where people don’t very much in your house.

26. Master the art of note-taking and skimming.

When you are studying you have to study long passages or topics and out of that, you have to curate a note, so master note-taking and the way you skim, don’t focus on every single thing when you are revising.

27. Never study in your bed

I must say never study in your bed, most students do that they start study in their bed and after some time they will lay down on them and put the book on hand and read while laying down. After some time the book fell down and you slept. I get trapped into this thing also. 😄

28. Use Grammarly for Grammar errors in digital notes

as you are taking notes on your note with pen and paper that’s fine. if you are taking notes online on a note-taking app like mentioned on the apps list for students, then you may have some grammar mistakes then you can use Grammarly for that, Grammarly is a fantastic tool for proofreading and checking your Grammarly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go study

I am sure that you are reading this article while you are browsing social media or while procrastinating, if yes go comment and get back to your study. 😆 Tell me what is the thing you are thinking is valuable to add and what are the improvements I can make to make the article better. Thank you.