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The most important thing for students is to study smartly and become productive with their studies to achieve their goals, and get better in their exams.

Most students fail to study, mostly self-study. They don’t have clue, about what to do to become organized.

In this post, we will discuss several productivity tips for students that will help you as a student to study smarter, get more productive, and become an achievers. Let’s begin.

Track Your Time

The first thing you have to do is manage your time and get track of your time.

Notice where you spend most of the time? Why you are not getting enough time to study? And track all the things you do with your time.

Study your behavior and remove the distractive part where you spend your time. Basically, social media, social chat, gaming, all of the things.

Some may be confused about whether those things are not bad or addiction they have good uses also, but if those things are a burden for your study then removing those are a better idea.

Follow Pomodoro Technique

pomodoro technique

Managing time? How you can manage your time?

The simple method for any student to use in their study is the Pomodoro technique.

Let me explain.

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that helps you to study in a block. This is also called the 25/5 minute method.

That is where you study for 25 minutes of your time and take 5 minutes of break that a cycle, after 4 cycles you will take a long amount of breaks like 10-25 minutes long.

This way the Pomodoro timer breaks into the timeslot to increase your productivity.

Why Pomodoro timer is best for students while they are studying?

  • It takes regular breaks for a certain period of time and that will help you to recharge yourself.
  • It has a length that allows you to study.
  • You will not get bored or lose interest.

You can use the online Pomodoro timers,



or you can buy a physical Pomodoro timer to avoid any kind of distraction while using a browser or any app.

Take Regular Breaks

As I mentioned in the previous productivity tips, taking regular breaks is necessary.

It’s necessary for your mental health, stress, anxiety, or pressure.

While you are studying take small breaks and after you study as a reward take a walk or go to a beautiful place that recharges you.

It will help you to build confidence and makes you happy to do more stuff.

Watch this video by Marty Lobdell is taught Psychology at Pierce College in Washington State for 40 years. During his lecture days, he taught tens of thousands of students. Here he talks about what works best, to ‘study less, study smart’.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Most study fails to understand that if you do lots of things at a particular time, that does not give results but makes you procrastinate.

You better focus on one single topic you are studying or one particular problem you are solving.

Study in a deep focus mode and tackle one thing after the next one. This way you will get hooked on the thing you are doing at that time.

Plan Ahead

Let’s look at planning. You have to make plans for the topics you want to study.

After you plan the topic you want to study you don’t have to think about what you will study after that, you just have to follow your plan.

Create a routine

Create a routine for your day with mentioned time, this will help you to organize yourself and you don’t have to think about what you will have to do after one thing.

Just don’t make the routine too fancy or overloaded with lots of work to do in a week or a day, just make a smooth-going routine.

Make a routine according to your capacity and with having breaks within them.

Always Have and Follow Your To-Do List

to do list in pen and paper

This is the most important thing you have to do first waking in your bed, is to make a to-do list of things or tasks you have to do in your day.

Mention a reasonable amount of tasks you have to do in your day.

Making up your to-do list defines your dedication to your study and motivates you to study harder.

Set Yourself Deadlines

The one thing you can also mention on that to-do list is their deadline.

If you don’t mention how much time a thing will need then you will not able to produce it.

Have a definite amount of time and a deadline to accomplish that goal. Deadline makes you focus on things and gets you a sense of urgency mood.

Eat Healthily

girl eating food

Health is wealth, you are not healthy then you are not able to focus on your studies.

So you have to maintain your diet and don’t miss any meals to finish studying. You will think that I will eat after finishing the subject, but that’s bad for your health and if you are hungry then you are not going to concentrate on your studies.

So eat healthily and study well.

Get Plenty of Sleep

In the era of student life, you may think that avoiding sleep for parties, studying, or Binge watching series is a cool thing but that will pay harder.

Don’t skip your sleep schedule for Netflix series or gaming, at least take 7-8 hours of sleep and in your leisure time, you can do anything you want.

Skipping sleep to study is a bad thing also unless exams are in your head but don’t wake up exams, it will badly affect your study. Try to sleep earlier to wake up early and quickly start your study.

Write Everything you learned

student writing productivity tips for students to study

If you are only studying not writing then you are not going to understand the concept or memorize those.

Sometimes your brain does not know the answer but your hand does.

Write what you learn after you study any particular topic and write what you really learn from that.

What are the questions or doubts you came up with? and this will be used as a reference in your study.

I will recommend writing notes on paper this is best in the case of students but nowadays more convenient way is to store them on an online note-taking app like notion or Evernote.

I will recommend trying to use the notion to organize your notes and after that, you can use those notes to reference for your exams.

Build Your Study environment

Build a study environment where you only study nothing else like eating, gaming, or checking social media. Just studying.

This will help you to build an environment where you only study, when you reach the study table you only study, nothing else.

Don’t pile so many things in a day

student looking at laptop

Many students make the mistake, that they pile up lots of information in a day and they don’t have time for revision.

Most students fail at memorizing concepts because they studied so many things in a day and someday they will forget. Start with small and understand the basic concepts.

Avoid social media and distractions

Social media

This is maybe one of the things that you listen to everywhere, I will not explain to you but avoid social media as much as possible while you are studying, taking breaks ( do other things like walk or play with kids), or in your morning time.

Those are the crucial time when you have to be focused and not distracted by other things.

Avoid any kind of social interaction or distraction while you are studying.

Now get productive as a student

Apply those productivity tips in your student life and your studies. If you think I miss something to mention then comment on this post, I will happy to include or add value to your student productivity life.

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