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Read aloud chrome extension Review (Read a like a pro) – Productivity side

Every day we search on google and read something, reading articles is a boring thing to do, no one wants to read anymore and they need pieces of information quickly.

I am in that category also and I want to find the solution it and I found a chrome extension called “Read aloud“.

let’s see how read aloud chrome extension works and saves your lots of time.

Overview: Read aloud chrome extension

Recently I researched a topic and I have a limited amount of time to finish, but I have to read multiple articles to ensure I have the right information.

So I found a chrome extension that helps me a lot. That’s a chrome extension that I found very useful and that’s why I finish my research and I save lots of time, I might be biased but it’s very useful for me.

Watch this video

This 2 minutes of video might be helpful for you, so watch this…

How to install

This extension is available in chrome, firefox, and Microsoft edge web stores. Head over to the respective web stores to download the extension.

For chrome

  1. First go to their webstore and download the extension or you can click here to go their.
  2. Then, search for “read aloud” and add the extension to your chrome browser.
  3. After installing head over to the extension tray and pin the extension for easier use.

How to use Read aloud chrome extension:

it can work on any article or pdfs that opens in a chrome browser.

  • first, open any article or pdfs in your chrome browser.
  • Then, click on the icon of the read-aloud extension in the extension tray.
  • Then, you can listen to the transcript version of the article.


  • This browser supported 7 different languages including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese.
  • You can set the shortcut to active the extension; just go to the setting of the extension and you will see “Edit shortcut keys”.
  • you can set custom voice or select from lots of voices, adjust pitch, volume, speed and turn on and off of text highlighting [That yellow bars appear then read at that time].
  • You can adjust their table and font-size also while they appear.

Microsoft Edge has a similar feature also, it’s worth trying. To use it, you can click on three dots and you will see the “Read aloud” feature or simply “Ctrl+Shift+U” to activate.

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This extension is a time saver and it helps me a lot while I am reading something or quickly understand something, you can use this extension also it very useful to use and has simple and nice UI/UX. Let me know how it can helpful for you and suggest more like them for me to use and message me on Twitter.