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Look at those- who have done great in their life like writers, poets, and novelists, musicians, and like Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Steve Jobs they all have done good things in their life. They all are examples of people who are given to us to take some knowledge about them, and they take some ideas from them but, Do you think that creativity matters or originality matters or creativity or originality is something or originality is better than stealing from others? Let’s discuss something. Let’s discuss stealing like an artist.

Steal like an artist– an artist does steal lots of ideas from others. They see the world as those who are worth stealing and those who are not worthy of stealing something. The thing that is nothing is originally like writer Jonathan Lethem said that when people called something originally, 9 after 10 times they don’t know the reference of the source involved. When people bring something original, you just have to think that the thing that has been said to you originally had any mix-up or any other added values that help that has made the thing original people that are no reference any or they don’t know about the reference.

Like another French writer said, “everything that has the need to be said has already said but since no one was listening everyone, everything must be said again”. Like when you see scriptures, novels, and great books that have already been there, but no one is reading so people are writing multiple scriptures or write multiple ideas like those ancient scriptures they make their own by adding something new and mixing up with the original thoughts.

You have to steal from others still from others ideas not stealing or not copying from exactly everything from others. Steal ideas from them, learn about something, learn about the concept, the thoughts, or anything that has to be learned.

Make your own world – Your income influences, attitude, your mind, opinion is the average the people you are most close to. You are close online or that might be your surrounding. The person who you follow or the person you follow is mattered, the person you follow can save your life as much as you think as much as your surroundings impact your life.

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Make your family trees or poor people that are great that have done great things in their life and make them heroes. so that you can make the change after people that are those who accomplished and those who have great ideas, like take some people you are most admired of and then, those who you admired then see the people they are admired and then see the chain of under building family tree-like you in your home you have a family.

You came before your father came then your grandfather your great grandfather then that’s like a family tree you have to make a family tree of people that you mostly learn from influenced by many people who might not agree with me. But Austin Kleon is the author of the book still like an artist said that you have to start copying, as Salvador Dali said, “those who do not want to imitate anything produce nothing”.

Imitation is not about copying. Imitation is about taking inspiration from others. Taking valuable ideas from others, you don’t have to copy all the things and made them your own. You have to copy ideas thoughts and that psychology and the thinking of the person and apply it on your own like Mr beast Made about the series called squid game. squid game is a popular series on Netflix, and Mr beast is a YouTuber that I made a video same as squid game. Both have the same thing but are taking inspiration and removing bad things like murder or killing people, removing those things, and making an enjoyable video.

Mr beast made a video of a school game the exact video but that has 23 or 50 minutes long but that squid game is in the official ten-episode series and that has like one 125,000,000 or something but Mr beast has 135,000,000 or something and accounting the video will also touch you 200 million in the future also.

But Mr beast does inspiration from the squid game series and then makes it their own. But I have to admit that the plots and the games in the squid game of Mr beast are pretty similar but Mr beast takes inspiration from the series and they make a video about it and that is also the highest number of records on YouTube also.

One writer said if you copy from one author it’s called plagiarism, but if you copy from many it’s called research. Like a writer writes a book, he doesn’t copy from one another they look up to hundreds and thousands of books and read those books and learn from them and then start copying and taking inspiration from those. if you have one person that was influenced by people will say that you are next however but if you rip off hundreds of people, everyone will say you are so original.

Once Kobe Bryant also said that I would steal all those moves so which are from in my all the games are taken from all those great players and he makes it’s their moves because he adds some of those own experience and own thoughts and make it their move and you have to be conscious about your heroes and started taking inspiration and steal inspirational thoughts about everything.

if you are getting bored then it’s just a process of creative people’s, all those people who have been doing there great in their life always in some cases are bored in their life but if you want to get engaged or no useless things, I must say that you have to get bored. getting bored is better than getting engaged or no other things that will not matter to you, like if you want to do a thing and you want to do it perfectly then the perfect is going to be attracted and perfect is going to be bored you and a perfect is boring.

If you want to do anything start putting, start publishing online, and start getting feedback and improving those things. But if you want to be perfect then the perfect is going to be boring. if someone said that you have to do one thing and that has to be perfect, then you are not going to be perfect.

The great people so you are seeing are not perfect they improved gradually by doing their things and getting feedback from others, then you must be still as an artist, the artist is the best example of those who steal from others from other’s ideas and inspiration. if you want to be creative. if you want to succeed in your career by doing amazing things, then you should read the book still like an artist and utilize those things and improve your creativity.

Thanks for reading till the end. it means a lot.

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