10 Simple tips for start reading books 2022

I remember with curiosity in my mind I brought 3 books The theory of everything by Stephen hawkings, Rich dad and poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and think and grow rich by napoleon hill.

I wanted to start reading books so I brought these and the books are delivered I open these packets and skim a while and put them into my book self.

after two months I remember I brought books to read, I totally forgot then I started reading the theory of everything and after some days I quit.

Then I started reading rich dad and poor dad and the story holds me and I was about to sort of finish the book— the third book I never touch, it was so deep to understand at that point in time.

When I started reading the book I made lots of mistakes in reading books, in this post, I will be told you some tips that could help you to read the book you want to read.

10 tips to start reading the book you want to read

1. Start with the fun

Read what you love until you love to read.


Most people fail at reading because they don’t start and that is the problem!`

Thinking of reading a book or doing anything is simple you just have to sit and think. But, doing the thing is challenging, not hard.

First of all, you have to start reading books—just one page is enough in the beginning.

The second thing is to start with fun, exciting, and simple books—start with a topic you just love to read or listen to then you can shift to the topic you want to know or are interested in.

When I first start reading books I start with a science book, unless you are a science nerd you will quit in the middle. like me…

I want to know about the universe, black holes, and the big bang theory but that was the topic I want to know about not the topic I like/love to read or listen to.

2. Commit to reading at least 1 page

When you will start reading, you have to be honest with yourself and read at least a page in a day and make underline the sentences or phrases you like. Slowly and steadily you will start reading books

“Marking a book is literally an experience of your differences or agreements with the author. It is the highest respect you can pay him.”

Edgar Allen Poe

3. Compliment yourself

Day 1: Started reading your first book and after 10 minutes finished the first page.


It’s time to compliment and reward yourself with sweets or anything you want. The reward system will motivate and encourage you to read the book.

4. Publish a note

After reading a book or a topic, I always make my own note and publish on a medium— that benefits me a lot.

I am able to remember topics, I can visit whenever I want to and I am able to reach like-minded people who love the topic and I can discuss it with them.

5. Keep your books closely

There are lots of distractions around us and bluff stuff. Recently when I was cleaning my books on my bookshelf, I noticed I was keeping the books at a little bit of distance, so I run a test and I pick 2-3 books on my study table.

surprisingly I am able to read 2-3 times more than before and when I have nothing to do and am bored I picked a book, randomly select a page a started reading.

That’s incredible and it’s true that “changing the environment and your surrounding can affect your life”.

6. Give some time for reading

People think we are very busy and don’t have time to read books and I absolutely agree with them. But you have to make time for your own good.

You can read in the morning time when you first wake up or you can read before going to bed.

Instead of this, you can:

  1. Read a book summary on Blinkist
  2. Listen to a book podcast
  3. Listen to audiobooks on Audible
  4. Watch a book summary on youtube

7. Know the author

Know the author who wrote the book? Read his/her bio on their website. Read articles about them and if you can find a brief interview of the author then you listen to that before started reading the book.

This way you can able to understand the perspective, thinking, and personality of the author. This helps you when you started reading the book and are able to think according to the perspective of the author.

8. Look deeply at the “table of content”

The table of content can briefly summarize what the book is about? or what the author wants to point out. Like when you click to read the article you will see a table of content where you can see which topic we are talking about.

Before reading the book read or look at the table of content and try to point out what the author wants you to know.

Read the peter Bregman article on “How to Read a Book a Week” on hbr

9. Hard to do still continue

It’s hard to continue where you have no interest at all, but give it a try for about 7 or 30 days and be honest with yourself. Every day you will face new challenges; sometimes you don’t want to be read, you don’t have, you don’t understand what you are reading—still kept reading.

10. Some Quick Tips:

  • Always read about your interest, not others’ reading list
  • Find the “next book” on your interest, not others’ recommendation.
  • Use applications like todoist ( for the reminder), Blinkist (For reading and listening to book summaries), and audible (For audiobooks) for your benefit.
  • Challenge yourself to read as many books as you can read in a week or month or year.
  • invest in a digital reader (Kindle or iPad) to read whenever you want to read.
  • Learn about four levels of reading.
  • See tips of superhumans who read more than 100 books a year on Goodreads.
  • Read forwards of a book to know what you can expect from the book.


When I was the first time reading it was hard but over time it’s much easier and more fun. Connect with me on Twitter and chat about books and other things. Always remember these two quotes;

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.”

Francis Bacon

Read the books they want to ban.


Read the best 100 books over and over again.


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