Supernotes review: best collaborative note-taking app?

Taking notes as a team or studying with friends by sharing notes, we all need a collaborative note-taking app.

Note-taking apps can help you to communicate with the team, and share notes with colleagues, friends, or students.

Supernotes can be a good choice for a collaborative note-taking app and to record your notes and events.

In this article, we will see Supernotes features, and pricing to understand the use cases. We will also discuss some alternatives to supernotes.

What is Supernotes

Supernotes dasboard

Supernotes is a note-taking app that is designed to record your ideas, tasks, and lists effectively. Supernotes has a clean interface and it takes notes as notecards.

Notes are organized with categories and tags and make interlink between them like Obsidian and Flomo notes with the Zettelkasten method.

You can share your notes and collaborate with others with this collaborative note-taking app. The app is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android. (Webclippers coming soon.)

Features of Supernotes

Supernotes cardnotes tutorial image

Supernotes is a fully featured note-taking app that you can use for your personal use and professional use. Students can use it to get their study notes and teams can communicate on their projects.

Here are some of the features of Supernotes that are interesting look.

  • Notes are saved as notecards to make it collaborative and linkable and linked with other notecards with tags.
  • Take notes offline and sync once you are back online.
  • Heatmap calendar to look at your note-taking frequency.
  • Categorize and filter using tags
  • Universal search to find your notes easily
  • Notes are secured and encrypted at AES-256
  • Export your other markdown notes from Roam Research, Google Keep, and Notion.
  • Share your notes with secured links

These are the features of supernotes. You can use these features to organize your notes and quickly capture your thoughts


Supernotes offer a free and a premium plan. The free plan includes all the features and you will get 100 cards with an additional 20 cards per referral. The free plan also includes access to Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS with limited API access.

The premium plan costs $7.29 USD per month with all features, all device access, full API access, and other benefits. Supernotes also offers a student discount of 50% off to yearly plan.

Alternatives of Supernotes

Supernotes on mobile and desktop view

There are many good note-taking apps available as alternatives to supernotes. Here are some of the alternatives that you can consider using.

  1. Obsidian: Obsidian is a unique note-taking app that supports a markdown editor, stores notes locally, and interlinks between notes to create a network of notes.
  2. Roam Research: Roam research is also a good alternative for Supernotes. It connects notes with the Zettelkasten method.
  3. Notion: Notion is a all in one productive app and you can use this app as a note-taking app to take notes, manage tasks, and collaborate with others. It is not best for quicky note-taking.
  4. Google Keep: Google Keep is a free notes app that you can use on Android devices or on the web.
  5. Bear: Bear is a popular note-taking app for iOS users. It has many features that can help you to take better notes.
  6. Apple Notes: Apple Notes is a free iOS app that you can use as an alternative to Supernotes.

In conclusion

I think this is a good note-taking app to use if you are considering it, it has many features to support your needs and requirements.

It has a clean interface and quick response on notes. In the end it your choice to use it or not.

If you are not going to use then you can consider using Obsidian, Roam Research, Notion, and other note-taking apps.

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