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Alarm ringing,

I put my hand on the alarm stop button and suddenly wakes up, wash my face with cold water and step towards to brush and after a cold bath—do some yoga and started working and suddenly a beautiful young lady come to me and shouted…

Wake up, wake up. it’s getting late, you have to go to work. And I suddenly wake up and find my mother is shouting because I am getting late for work. I suddenly realise—it was a dream.

That was a dream but that was a dream for everyone who want to wake up early and spend their day feeling motivated and energetic.

Is it necessary to wake up early? why I should wake up early? what are the benefits? is waking up late bad? Let’s find out these questions with research pack answers with some personal thoughts.

I always struggle to wake up because most of my works are related to creative things or writing. These things need extra care for them because when you already drink a lot of water and their no space for water you want to drink, you will not able to drink water because you don’t have enough space for the water you want to drink— the brain is like water.

When we spend lots of time working on other things and constantly thinking and talking about other things—our mind will not able to access those ideas or thoughts we want to bring on paper or in a notepad. (like google keep, notion, and Evernote)

You will always struggle to do lots of creative things if you don’t spend your morning time wisely. Those who are late wakers struggle the most. Creative work needs constant thinking and thoughts to be put in an organized manner.

Most of the successful people start their morning early and some of them are not. Some do yoga, some exercise or some invest their time writing and reading. One or another way they are exercising their mind or their body.

Former President Barack Obama, after he wakes up, does cardio and weight routine and then eats breakfast with his family. Apple CEO Tim cook starts their morning at 3:45 am. Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Indra Nooyi—all wake up early in the morning. In fact most of the people who are struggling in their life wake up early to make changes in their life and Want to do great works, become successful. You might be a struggler who wants to change your life and want to be a better person.

The question arises— “are your strongly need to wake up early and start your day while others are dreaming in their bed?”

Recently I wrote an article on the medium where I took examples of two types of days, one When I wake up early and the other when not able to wake up. Firstly I make it clear that most of the works are writing or creative works. So, for me morning is crucial.

When I wake up early by forcing myself to wake up for something urgent without sacrificing my good sleep, I do most of the work in the morning like writing blog posts or scripting. I always end up doing 60-70% of the work.

That day I feel more energetic and feel like I don’t have the burden or difficult work to do. This was what my holidays are like. Even if I have other work to do, when I wake up early, I end up doing lots of works and have a small amount of work to do that day. This made me think I have to wake up early to finish up lots of work.

When I was not able to wake up early, I end up doing my other work and after I get back home, I feel exhausted and don’t have the mood to work, the body craves rest. After some time when I think to do some work, I end up staring at my laptop’s white blank screen. I felt unhappy and regret not waking up early. The same case with holidays, when I wake up late, I procrastinate and was able to convince myself, “it’s a holiday. so sleep.”.

You might like me, then you need to figure out how you should get your work done? Waking up early is an option when everyone and everything around you is silent and no one is going to disturb you.

There are too many benefits of waking up early in the morning. What are they?

  1. You will feel more productive.
  2. You will get able to do your work.
  3. Waking up early, really gives you lots of time to invest in reading, writing, exercising, and meditating in the morning.
  4. You will be more active than other days, one of the research shows early rising children are more active than others.
  5. You will get more time to invest in yourself.
  6. You will get time to exercise, it makes you feel happy and active throughout the day.
  7. Helps you to concentrate on yourself, family, and work. and give you enough time to plan your day.

There are lots of benefits when you wake up early.

Then let’s think about sleep—waking up early and waking up at right time.

Sleep matters, sleep matters a lot for your success and for your better life. Better sleep helps you to become more productive, more energetic, and become more healthy. On average, an adult human being needs 7-8 hours of sleep—better sleep. Unless you will feel unproductive, stressed, and not able to work on your day.

how to wake up early

When you think about waking up early then you must have to sleep early according to your sleep cycle. You have to calculate your sleeping time and sleep accordingly. When you will not able to sleep at the right time you will not able to get up early in the morning.

Better sleep helps you to function your health, build your immune system, improve your memory and learning power.

If you are not able to sleep early, you shouldn’t wake up early if you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep is a necessity. You should wake up at the right time, the right time when you get enough sleep and your body and mind get enough rest.

So if you want to wake up early, then how you can wake up early in the morning? Is there is any secret?

I remember, in my exam time, I struggled a lot to wake up early to do some reading. I still regret not knowing how I can make that possible?

There are two ways of getting up at the time you want to wake up. There is plenty of information and studies that are said to help but they won’t. You might read some of them, I might write some of them. But this information has also valid points and is helpful. Why you are not able to wake up?

You are a human being, not a robot to wake when anyone sets the time. Humans love to be comfortable, when you want to get comfortable your body will want you to get comfortable. So what can you do to get up early?

Remember, I said there are two ways you can wake up,

  1. By force
  2. By habit
  1. By force

When you will get external force to get up like your mother wakes up at the same time every day you want to wake up. After a certain day, you will get habitual and you don’t need your mother to get up early. I use this in my exam time because at that time I was not an early riser. Even if I will wake up early by putting an alarm or forcing myself— my body will want to go into that zone again. So, I told my father to wake up early when he wakes up but I won’t continue at that time, so they end up getting back to waking up late. You have to give yourself a push to wake up.

2. By habit

When you do certain things again and again it becomes a habit. So you can train your body to wake up 5 or 10 minutes earlier than you usually wake up, continue doing this for over a month then set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than before. This way you will get up early naturally and your body will get trained to wake at that time.

Ok, let’s talk about those who are not able to wake up early for any reason like me. How they can get the benefits of getting up early?

It’s ok to not be able to wake up early for some reason, if you sleep late there is no meaning of waking up early. If you have to work late at night, it does not matter you should wake up early. The one that matters is “waking up at right time”. When is the right time? When you complete your sleep and your body is ready to wake up. But you can try to sleep earlier so that you can wake up early. It doesn’t matter if you are not energetic, you don’t feel comfortable or productive. You will not able to get the benefits of waking up early. In the end, I would like to say “sleep better. wake up better”.

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