Things 3: Best To-do list app for Apple devices?

Managing your tasks in one place is crucial for your work. You will have a birds-eye of what you are working on, stay focused, organize, and get your work done fast.

Things 3 is an award-winning task management app that you can use to manage your tasks and make progress toward your goals.

In this article, we will see how Things 3 differs from others, pricing, and alternatives of things 3.

What is Things 3

Things 3 is a to-do list and task management app developed by Cultured Code. The app is available for Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, Watch, and iPad. Things 3 helps you to plan your day, manage your projects, and organize all your work in one single app.

The app’s interface is clean and minimal, and no distractions on the app. The mobile and desktop app provides many interesting features and functionalities.

Things 3 app interface

What are the features of Things 3?

Things 3 has many features to support your tasks and manage your tasks. Here are some of the features of the Things 3 task manager.

  • Make to-dos with tags, checklists, start dates, and deadlines.
  • “Today” list for all your daily activities
  • Calendar events with “today” list group
  • This Evening section for your after-work or evening chores
  • Upcoming list to plan your week in advance
  • Checklist within to-dos
  • Drag and drop the plus icon to create to-dos and headings
  • Quick Find—to search all your tasks and projects
  • Reminders
  • Slim mode—to collapse your sidebar

Other features are also included in the Things app. The app is fully integrated with the Apple ecosystem to give you a great experience while you are using it.

How much does Things 3 Cost?

Things 3 cost different for different devices. The Mac app costs $49.99, the iPhone and watch come with $9.99 and for iPad costs $19.99. It comes with a one-time purchase and all three collectively cost around 80 dollars. For a one-time investment, Things can be a good option to choose for iOS users.

The Alternative of Things 3

There are many to-do list apps out there. Here are some of the alternatives to Things 3 you can look at.

  1. Todoist: Todoist is a task management app that organizes your tasks and projects. It has many features like labels, due dates, priority, and other project features.
  2. Tick tick: TickTick is another best task management apps that you can use as an alternative to Things. The app provides many organization and collaboration features with habit tracking and a built-in calendar.
  3. Habitica: Habitica makes your task management into a gaming experience, gamifies your tasks and habits. You can create an avatar, gain experience, and level up by completing tasks and habits. It will make you stay motivated and productive.
  4. OmniFocus: OmniFocus is a task management app for iOS users. It has many advanced features for organizing tasks, projects, and habits. You can use this app with GTD methodology.
  5. Microsoft To Do: Microsoft To-Do is a simple to-do list app that integrates with other Microsoft apps like Outlook and Microsoft 365. It offers many features to organize your tasks, due dates, and reminders, making it suitable for users who prefer simplicity.
  6. Google Tasks: Google Tasks is a minimal to-do list that integrates with Google apps like Gmail and Google Calendar. It allows you to create tasks, set due dates, and organize tasks into lists. While it lacks advanced features, it’s a good option for users who want a basic tasks app.


To sum up, Things 3’s beautiful design, and user-friendly interface between iPhone, iPad, and Mac make it one of the best to-do list apps available for Apple devices.

While it may have a higher initial cost, the one-time purchase model offers great value for those who value having a premium task management experience without having to pay ongoing membership fees.

However, Todoist and other options might be a better fit for people looking for a free choice or a cross-platform solution.

Things 3 is a valuable purchase for users who want an on-time purchase to-do app to manage all their work and personal life.

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