10 Important Lessons from Book Positioning

The easy way to get into a person’s mind is to be first.

The most difficult part of positioning is selecting that one specific concept to hang your hat on. Yet you must, if you want to cut through the prospect's wall of indifference.

To find a unique position, you must ignore conventional logic.

In our overcommunicated society, the paradox is that nothing is more important than communication.

Don’t try to trick the prospect. Advertising is not a debate. It’s a seduction.

successful positioning requires consistency. You must keep at it year after year.

You build brand loyalty in a supermarket the same way you build mate loyalty in a marriage. You get there first and then be careful not give them a reason to switch.

Marriage, as a human institution, depends on the concept of first being better than best. And so does business.

What’s called luck is usually an outgrowth of successful communication.

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