10 Lessons from book Elon Musk By Walter Isaacson

The family adopted a motto: “Live dangerously—carefully.

If you were negative or thought something couldn’t be done, you were not invited to the next meeting,” Mueller recalls. “He just wanted people who would make things happen.

Reading remained Musk’s psychological retreat. Sometimes he would immerse himself in books all afternoon and most of the night, nine hours at a stretch.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. —Steve Jobs

If your hand is on a stove and it gets hot, you pull it right off, but if it’s someone else’s hand on the stove, it will take you longer to do something.

The only rules are the ones dictated by the laws of physics. Everything else is a recommendation.

maniacal sense of urgency is our operating principle

Musk had a resistance to regulations. He did not like to play by other people’s rules.

The most entertaining outcome is the most likely.

A pattern was set: try new ideas and be willing to blow things up.

Lessons from the book Thinking Fast and Slow

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