10 Shane Pariss Quotes For Clear Thinking

If you don’t have the chance to work with a master directly, you can still surround yourself with people who have higher standards by reading about them and their work.

The way to improve your defaults isn’t by willpower but by creating an intentional environment where your desired behavior becomes the default behavior.

Exceptional people know they can't change the hand they've been dealt, and don't waste time wishing for a better one. They focus instead on how they're going to play the cards they have to achieve the best result.

Think like a philosopher. Train and rest like an athlete. Take action like an entrepreneur.

Most people think they lack knowledge when they really lack focus.

Think like an optimist. Prepare like a pessimist.

It’s not who you think you are or who you want to be. You are what you do consistently.

Amateurs think in absolutes. Professionals think in probabilities.

Writing reveals what thinking conceals.

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