Fake AI images keep going viral - He is How You can Know

Fact-checkers have identified instances of AI-generated images spreading misinformation in 2023.

Notable examples include fabricated images of Prince William and Prince Harry at a coronation, Julian Assange in prison, and a fake mugshot of Donald Trump.

Emmanuel Macron amid French riots, a falsely portrayed massive audience for Pope Francis, Elon Musk with purported "robot wives,"

Tools like Midjourney and OpenAI's DALL-E 3 have made it quicker and easier to create realistic but false pictures.

Fact-checkers, such as charity Full Fact, have identified and highlighted these instances, leading to some content being marked as AI-generated

The images were often shared on platforms like Facebook and X, accumulating thousands of likes and views before being flagged as misleading.

Full Fact's CEO, Chris Morris, emphasizes the importance of taking action to prevent a decline in trust in online content

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