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If you are in the market for a kindle then we actually have four different options to choose from these days we have the standard Kindle, kindle paperwhite, kindle paperwhite signature, and the slightly old-school kindle oasis.

We’re going to be breaking down the pros and cons of each of these four different types of kindle.

I would recommend the normal kindle paperwhite edition if you’re on a very tight budget then the standard cheap kindle is pretty reasonable although it does have a few inconveniences and if you have extra money to burn then the kindle paperwhite signature edition is pretty good that’s the one that I use personally and there’s basically no the reason at all to get a kindle oasis.

let’s see the complete breakdown pros and cons of all of these four kindles.

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Why do i think you should buy a kindle?

we’re going to start by breaking down exactly why I think everyone should have a kindle. why it’s my favorite tech purchase of all time?

Then for each of these four different types of kindle, we are going to be breaking down the pros and cons and I’m going to be doing a mini-review of each one and sharing my thoughts.

Why do I personally use the kindle paperwhite signature edition?

The reason kindle is life-changing is kind of three-fold.

  1. It makes it super super super easy to read books it takes all of the friction out of reading I carry a kindle with me wherever I go I always have one in my bag
  2. A kindle makes it super easy to buy books anytime someone recommends me a book I would just immediately buy it on kindle it costs a few dollars it’s often cheaper than buying the physical book and it means I can access it immediately.
  3. Finally having a kindle makes it super easy to highlight books as well so if you’re interested in reading non-fiction like a lot of what i read then highlighting and taking notes on it is kind of a useful thing to do and a kindle makes it super easy to do so overall.

1. Standard Kindle ($90)

kindle 10th gen
Image: amazon

The normal kindles now the cool thing about these is that it comes in white and black as well and the annoying thing about the other ones is that they don’t come in white I would have loved to see this the kindle paperwhite or the paperwhite signature in white color.

This is by far the best value-for-money kindle on the market and as with all the kindles, the reading experience is very good.


  • The reading experience is good.
  • There are no buttons on it other than the on button and you just touch the screen if you want to go forward or back any pages in your book.
  • They’ve got these e-ink screens that don’t feel like you’re reading from a screen.


  • They change with micro-USB
  • The normal kindle resolution is about half of what it is on the kindle paperwhite and the kindle oasis so the more expensive Kindle.
  • The paperwhite oasis has a resolution of 300 pixels per inch whereas these normal kindles have a resolution of 167 pixels per page.
  • The design screen size is very slightly smaller than the kindle paperwhite. (This is not a huge deal)

2. Kindle paperwhite ($140)

kindle paperwhite
image: amazon

The kindle paperwhite and as I said is the one that I recommend to most people.

This is basically twice the price of the standard kindle so what features do you get for twice the price well. Firstly its design is slightly different the screen is now flush with the well of the device whereas there is a bit of a sort of a ridge divot with the normal kindle it’s not a huge deal.

It doesn’t really make much difference to the reading experience but the screen is very slightly bigger which you might prefer.


  • It has a warm light option which means if you were reading at night time in bed in the dark then you don’t need to worry about the blue light allegedly harming your eyes and stopping you from going to sleep.
  • The light on this is slightly higher.
  • The text looks smother than the normal kindle.
  • It’s waterproof
  • it has 8GB of storage


  • it’s pricy.

If your budget is tight then you should look for a standard kindle, it’s no big deal between those, but if you can spend a few rupees on the device, then it’s worth it.

3. Kindle Paperwhite signature edition ($190)

kindle paperwhite signature edition
image: amazon

The kindle paperwhite signature edition is basically exactly the same to the point where I literally cannot even tell the difference between the two devices other than by looking at the serial number on the back and being like okay this is the signature and this is the normal one.

But Amazon is charging an extra dollar for the kindle paperwhite signature so what do you get for that,

  1. Upgraded storage from 8GB to 32GB, it’s not a huge deal unless you are listening to comic books or audiobooks.
  2. This has an auto-adjusting front light
  3. Wireless charging but not made by amazon (It’s a third-party company called Anker, it’s awesome) (See the wireless charger here)

4. Kindle Oasis

kindle oasis
image: amazon

it’s a bit of a different design you can get it in different colors.

This used to be a reasonable option because it had a warm light and it was waterproof but now the standard kindle and paperwhite also have a warm light and are also waterproof.

So unless you really vibe with the physical design of the oasis and the physical buttons it’s not really something that I would recommend personally.

It has all the features that have on paperwhite and a signature edition with a slightly different design.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, the paperwhite is the best option to consider, if you are on a tight budget then you can consider the standard kindle, it’s not that much of a difference to consider. If you are really willing to give extra money to amazon then the kindle paperwhite signature edition might be the option for you. Hope you are now not confused about which one should you buy. Until next time, bye.

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