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Want to write for us or post a guest post on the productivity side?

We want to encourage writers who want to get discovered and get publish their ideas and thoughts into the world.

And create impact and help to explore a creative and productive side of people. Here on the productive side, we try to help people to become more productive and explore their inner creativity.

Perks of polish on our platform:

  • Get a Do-follow link to your website.
  • Explore more fellow writers.
  • Get all the credits and recognization.
  • Discover more people and showcase your writings.

If you want to write on the productivity side and get explore to the world. You have to follow these rules.

  1. The content should be original with real examples.
  2. Polished and proofread before submitting the article.
  3. The content should not be published on other websites or social media channels.
  4. The content should be well researched and written in detail about the topic with linking to the original research material.
  5. Write actionable methods or tips you experienced or learned.
  6. Write simple and user-friendly articles with clear formatting. (Images, infographics, videos or quotes also included if required)

The topic we cover:

You have to write on those topics only and get accepted to publish on the platform.

  • Productivity
  • personal development
  • Productivity tools/ Softwares/extensions
  • personal development books related

Here are some resources that can help you to write better articles. (All these resources are free to use)

Methods of submission:

After writing the article send the draft link to our mailing address. If all seem ok, then we will consider publishing our platform by giving you proper credits. Remember to have the proper outline, formatting, and research links on your articles.

  1. Email your Catchy title and outline of the article.
  2. Get approved, and start writing.
  3. Finish your writing and email back for approval and feedback.
  4. Get published.

You can contact the editor on Twitter if you need any kind of help or any suggestions.

Mail: [email protected]

Twitter: Soubhgya Sahu

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