I think it’s the most important page for us. We collected all the apps and services used to keep ourselves productive and help us to run this website. We hope the list may help you as well to keep yourself productive.

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Productivity Tools

Here we listed the tools that we use to keep us productive and bring you the information you need!

google calendar logo

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is really a powerful tool to manage your life and work. You can manage your time better, and schedule events for yourself, your family, or your team.

cron calendar logo


Cron is a calendar app that will allow you to schedule your events and this app will sync to your Google calendar,

Notion app logo


Notion is an online all-in-one note-taking, database, and wiki that will allow you to create databases of your topics and write notes on them and organize them in a disciple manner.

evernote logo


Evernote is the best online note-taking application, especially for taking notes. You can also organize on the app also. Great app for Writing purposes.

Todoist logo


Todoist is a to-do list app that will help you to create and manage your to-do list efficiently.

google keep logo

Google Keep

Google Keep is also a note-taking app that allows you to take quick notes while you doing something like running or hanging out with friends, you can just put your idea into google keep.

grammarly logo


Grammarly is a grammar correction and proofreading tool that will help you to correct your grammar ad suggest you the best solutions

Lastpass logo


Lastpass is a free password manager where you can manage your passwords more securely and your all passwords are in one place.

Freedom app logo


Use Freedom To get your freedom to study, you have to block the sites you are most distracted with or are addicted to like adult sites, social media sites, and news sites.

Learning Tools and Resources


Kindle is a digital device where you can purchase and read lots of books like sci-fi, friction, non-friction, etc.



Books are in general is most important learning sources to grow in your life and you can read them. Here is the best book list.

Shortform app


Shortform is a book summary service, it has a vast variety of book summaries from different genres, if you want to have a key idea about a book then it is a must-check.

skillshare logo


Skillshare is an online learning platform that teaches online courses for real life. On the platform, there are lots of courses available which teaches by professionals and those who are masters in that field.

udemy logo


Udemy is an online learning platform where you can get a vast variety of courses to improve yourself for the real world

Audible logo


If you are tired of reading books you can listen to them on audible. On Audible, you can find audiobooks and listen to them.

Other Resources

canva logo


Any graphics you see on this website that is done in Canva. It’s an online graphic editing tool that doesn’t need lots of practice to use. It’s simple and easy to use.

Nord vpn logo


It’s important to have a Vpn, especially in the digital world. So NordVpn is enable you to go anonymous on the internet and secure you from the world.

Hostinger Logo


Hostinger is a hosting provider, where our website is stored, it’s wonderful to use, and it’s one of the best hosting services.

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