QuillBot Users Statistics in Number

Quillbot is a powerful paraphrasing tool that has been by millions of users and used by many writers, students, grad students, and researchers.

With the help of Quillbot, you will able to maximize your productivity and input to get your work done quickly.

In this article, we have brought some Quillbot statistics, users, traffic, how many it has, and many more stats.

Top QuillBot Statistics – Our Pick

  • In 2022 reports, 150 Million people using Quillbot worldwide.
  • 135 Billion words are entered into Quillbot’s Paraphraser tool.
  • The most common misspellings corrected by Quillbot are; “because”, “manager”, “employment” and “received”.
  • Out of Social media channels, YouTube and Facebook have the most user visits.
  • Most of Quillbot users came from Direct and organic search marketing channels.

Out of 150 million writers, these are the top 5 countries that use QuillBot by user count.

  1. Philippines
  2. United States
  3. India
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Canada

Sources: Quillbot, Similarweb

About QuillBot

Company Name: QuillBot, Inc

Founded on: QuillBot was founded in 2017

Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Founder: Rohan Gupta

Acquired by: Course Hero

How many people are using QuillBot?

According to Quillbot, In 2022 over 150 million people are using Quillbot, and that is 1.9% of the world’s population.

According to Similarweb, most of its users came from Direct and organic search marketing channels. Only 0.99% of the traffic came from referrals.

Out of Social media channels, YouTube and Facebook have the most user visits, and surprisingly WhatsApp accounts for 9.81% of traffic.

Sources: Quillbot, Similarweb

QuillBot Top Traffics

According to Similarweb, 10 out of 7 people come to Quillbot by direct channel and 10 out of 2 people come from organic search.

Combined, direct and organic search is the highest channels users come from with 10 out of 9 Quillbot users.

Here is the breakdown of marketing channels Quillbot users come from with percentages.

RankMarketing ChannelPercentage of Traffic
2Organic Search21.95%
3Paid Search6.58%

Social media traffic

According to Similarweb, YouTube is the highest social media channel Quillbot users come from with 46.12%. The second highest channel is Facebook with 21.17%.

Roughly 10 out of 7 people came to Quillbot from YouTube and Facebook.

Here is the breakdown of the social media traffic of Quillbot.

RankSocial NetworkPercentages of Traffic

Sources: Similarweb

QuillBot By Region

According to SimilarWeb, Quillbot is mostly used by the United States(16.5%), India(14.51%), and the Philippines(13.36%), a combined 44.37% of users.

Australia on the other hand increased its usage by 78.75% over the month and became the 4th highest Quillbot usage.

Here is the breakdown of all the regions most of the Quillbot traffic comes from.

RankTrafficPercentage of Quillbot Users
1United States16.5%
5United Kingdom3.51%
Others (Combined)47.62%

Sources: Similarweb

QuillBot By Age

According to Similarweb, the 25-34 age group uses Quillbot the highest with over 29.39%, and the 18-24 age group also mostly uses Quillbot with 28.95%.

Combined, the 18-34 age group usage Quillbot most with commutatively over 58.34% of Quillbot users. They are mostly students.

Here is a breakdown of all age groups according to Quillbot usage.

RankAge GroupPercentage of Quillbot User

Sources: Similarweb


Quillbot is a powerful paraphrasing tool that can be useful for lots of daily and repeated tasks. It has grown by 150 Million users and was acquired by Course Hero in September 2023.

I hope these Quillbot Stats are useful and can be valuable for your use.

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